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    So, I finished my first race of the season, yay!! First time using a Chip for timing, and it was off, boo!! The times were posted immediately and my race time is posted as slower than the clock time, and the clock time was slower than my watch time. So, while I may be able to say I ran the 5K in 26:13, I am eternally stuck at 29:12. Has anyone else had this issue, will this continue to be my fate as I run races, will I never have a posted time that is accurate (music indicating doom playing in the background). Oops. Sorry, just noticed that the thread right below this is about a similar issue. I need to work on my paying attention skills.

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      Yes, the chip timing does suck. Not so much because the timing was inaccurate (which it was) but because it was one of those races where they only had mats at the end, not at the beginning. And since it took us close to two minutes to get across the start line because of the 1500 other people, we ended up with a gun time. Argh! My splits for the race were Mile 1: 10:22 Mile 2: 18:41 Finish: 26:18 I wonder if getting stuck at the start slowed me down at all?

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