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De-slacking in progress

    I just set out to run a 10k practice easy run distance I laid out but I felt so good I kept running a little further. I had my HRM set to show HR only, no time , as I just wanted to run nice and easy without putting on time constaints on myself (I would had ran faster had I known the time). I finally ended up back at home in the 85 degree, high humidity heat and stopped my watch. I ran for one hour and 15 mins NON stop. Went and measured course- it ended up being 6.7 miles which equates to a slow but easy 11mm. For the first time, I experienced the runners high or either that I was just low on blood sugar Big grin. I really felt good and could had ran further. But my goal right now is to just run to build endurance and mileage. This was my first 20+ week. Ran a total of 24 miles and my body didn't rebel. I feel fine. So- slow and easy it is for the long runs for me. Will do tempo/pace running on my 3-4 milers. Another goal acoomplished (10k distance)

    started running @ age 48 [lost 70#+, quit a 30 year pack/day habit>> ran HM]  Ran a few years then quit. Gained 70#+ back and smoking like before. Time to get healthy again @ 52 years over with the C25K program and beyond again. RE-start date 1-13-14


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      Way to go .Congrats

      Run until the trail runs out.

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        Its a good feeling isnt it.....next thing you know, you will be posting that you ran 10 miles and then a 1/2 M........your on your way now...

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          Great job! I especially love that you didn't even know how far you'd gone until after. Congratulations. Smile
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              Congratulations! I'm still in the first month of running, but even I can think of how satisfying that must feel. That's so great!


                For the first time, I experienced the runners high or either that I was just low on blood sugar Big grin.
                Nah, low blood sugar is not a good feeling...at all. You definitely got the runner's high, baby! WTG! I predict that you'll be looking back in 6 months and an hour run will be a mid-length or maybe even short run for you. Smile

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                  Congrats! Great job on your progress Smile

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                    Kudos! That's great!

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                      Well done on both accomplishments slaptear! Keep knocking off those milestones!

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                        Just wanted to say congrats! I experienced that runner's high last night after I ran 35 minutes and knew I could've gone a lot longer. It is such a good feeling - I can't wait until I do my first 1 hour run. Thanks for sharing.

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                          Great job!!!

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