Boston Bound Runningaheaders-What's your BIB No. ? (Read 916 times)


    3091...will be bringing my personal floatation device Big grin
      Personal flotation devices will be issued by Eric personally along with your Bib no at the expo. Hope we get a 3-4 hour window somewhere on Monday..... Maybe we will see you there....Orange Man

      Orange Man and Eric.

        Should be interesting!.... Alert - Monday's Boston Marathon Wednesday, April 11 - As the Boston Athletic Association continues to make preparations for Monday's Boston Marathon, we are monitoring the upcoming weather conditions forecast for this area. Based on the National Weather Service's most recent report and in cooperation with the Executive Office of Public Safety (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, together with the eight cities and towns along the 26.2-mile marathon route, we are planning for likely heavy rain and windy conditions on race day. However, all race day plans remain the same. The Boston Athletic Association advises participants in Monday's race to plan accordingly for their run, bringing with them gear and apparel to suit the conditions. The B.A.A. will continue to update this web site as necessary.


          Three. Day. Nor'easter. Wow. Good luck all. You CAN run well in this. This is WAY better than a hot day. Definitely wear a hat with a visor (the northeast wind will be pushing the rain right in your face), probably something long sleeve to keep your core warm, disposable gloves, and extra body-glide/vaseline. Staying warm(ish) and dry(ish) before the start will be key. The big plastic trash bag with hole for your head is a must here. Good luck! I was really hope to be out there cheering but now I have a job interview that day.

          Runners run.

          You'll ruin your knees!

            GOOD LUCK BOSTONAHEADERS!!!!!!!!!! If you see a couple of guys from Texas, say howdy to them... It really messes us up when someone with a Boston (or any non-Texan, for that matter) says Howdy! Ya'll have a great race, and a good time in Boston!!!!!!! Lynn B

            ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)


              just wanted to wish ya'll good luck in your run tomorrow! I'll be cheering from my keyboard tomorrow! I hope the weather is as favorable as possible... Smile *~*~*sending lots of "swift feet" vibes to everyone!*~*~*