Weird -- Getting to near or beyond MaxHeartRate at beginning of easy run (Read 215 times)

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    That looks like a battery issue to me.  When is the last time you changed it?  Static generally causes spikes, not dips.   I've rarely had dips, mostly just spikes.  The only time I had a dip like that was when I was expirementing and wore my strap with the contacts on my side instead of my chest.  Was your strap tight and good contact with your skin?  That's the only other thing I could think of if it was loose.


    I replaced the battery on the transmitter last week, so thats not it.  It was tight, not sliding, and I wore it right in front.  I am thinking that maybe where the transmitter snaps on to the strap might not be making a good connection though.  Or where the chest contacts connect to those snaps.  Somehow the connection is getting loose and its missing some data points...at times enough to cause it to drop that low.  I'll give a new strap a try.  Thanks for the input.

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