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    Hey all, new to these forums.  2 years ago, turned 40 & decided to get in shape & lose some weight.  Started at 236, now down to 183 (and that includes a broken ankle last December while running!)


    Anyway, I work out 6x week alternating 50minutes free weights & 3.5 mile runs.  However, I just can't lose the 1" pad of flab over my stomach; I know there's abs under there!  So I was looking at the Complete Nutrition Charger Pak; anyone have experience with this product?



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      Former F@t@ss

        I understand the response; however, rest assured this is NOT spam.  I just joined this site due to someone on the Nutrisystem forums referring me here.


        Personally I think the price for the Charger Pack is a bit steep, but I was just wondering if anyone else has used it.

        The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

          You may and probably have just a high concentration of fat cells in your belly. They shrink but don't go away. These supplements work. It will curb your appetite, give you energy and you will probably lose some weight. There are a decent amount of stimulants in those formulas, caffeine, yohimbine etc. BUT, you can't take these things for the rest of your life. I am ok with them occasionally or even weeks at a time if competing in an event or doing a photo shoot or want to look lean for an upcoming event  or right before a race. You are doing the right things with your lifestyle - stick with those choices as you will keep the weight off.

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