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    Would it be pobbile to automatically add the temperature, humidity, wind and other info displayed on the Weather.com section of the homepage to a running entry? The system knows where we live based on our zip codes but you could allow for a one time override to allow this to be captured if you are out of town. Not a big deal but if this is autofilled it would make it easier to concistantly capture data that is fun to play with in the reports area.
      That's a cool idea! ( Clowning around Sorry, couldn't resist...)

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        I wouldn't want this since I often log my run way after it happened and the weather is usually much different at 10:30 a.m, for example, than it was when I ran 5 hours earlier. I'd rather have it put in nothing than wrong info. No data is better than bad data.

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          I agree with mikeymike. The weather is very much dependent upon the time of day and your location. The only way auto fill is possible is to either have a way of looking up the weather from a site for a given date, time and location, or store everything on the server. I don't think the former is available while the second is infeasible. However, if there are sufficient users on the site, perhaps I can infer your weather conditions from others in your area. Even that is still at least months away because I doubt there are enough users yet. eric Smile