Injury to Recovery Timeline (Read 293 times)


    I usually consult the Health and Nutrition Forum when I get injured.  I want to see if other people have had similar injuries, what they did to recover and how long it took before they were back to normal. Most of the posts are when people first get injured and don't always track the recovery. I'd like to capture in one post a chronology of the road from injury to recovery for reference.


    My latest injury was a calf muscle problem. I think it was due to increasing my mileage too quickly. If I tried to run, it was very sore.

    Here is the timeline.

    Took 3 days off after initial injury.

    Week 1. Ran 2 miles a couple of days and was OK. Ran 3 and it went again.

    Weeks 2-3. Took 2 weeks off completely

    Week 4. Easy running about 2 miles for a few days

    Week 5. Easy running and increased to 3-4 miles. Finally OK.

      Did you do anything other than not-run for your recovery?  Such as the oft-mentioned eccentric calf muscle exercises?


        I did bike a little which did not seem to impact my calf.