FINALLY a decent improvement in a Race (and a PR) (Read 958 times)

    I ran a race yesterday and had a significant improvement in my time from last year.


    I ran in Slattery's Turkey Trot (5 MILES - Fitchburg, MA) and finished in 41:57.......Last year I ran the same race in 45:02 (which was my 5 mile PR).....So yesterday I improved my PR by a whopping 3 minutes and 5 seconds (in one year)..


    In my age group, I finished mid pack...so there is plenty of improvement still do to, but that's more like it............(Hmmmmm is it possible for me to run 39:59 or better next year--- --- I guess Ill have to give it a GO)....


    This is pretty exciting for me because I've increased my training from last year and this is the first race where I've seen some decent results......so I'm patting myself on the back today..

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      Way to go, John!  Nice! 


      Isn't it great to have those year-over-year comparisons at the same race to see the rewards of your trraining efforts.

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        Nice run John!  That's quite a chunk to take off the PR - great race.

          3 MInutes off in a 5Miler  in a year is awesome. 


          I have a 8K this weekend and have a soft PR to be taken down at that distance, I'll keep your effort in mind while running it.

            thanks guys..

            Champions are made when no one is watching

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              Congratulations, John!  I'm so glad your hard work is paying off.

                3 MInutes off in a 5Miler  in a year is awesome. 


                 Absolutely. Great run, John!

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                    Brilliant! Great PR Smile

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                      Consistency is the most important contributor to improvement John, and you've got that.  The improvement may not come as quickly or as often as you like, or even when you're hoping for or expecting it.  Eventually consistency pays dividends.  When you do get that breakthrough, it's a great feeling and leaves you hungry for more.


                      Great stuff, keep it rolling.

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                        Hey John,  fantastic job!!

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                          YUP -  you've been consistent, and it's paying off! WOOT!

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