paleo diet and running (Read 306 times)

    Surprising they haven't made a fermented kale mash and made beer or a distilled spirit.  The way the paleo-people did.

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

    Hip Redux


      Hey, dates are CARBS Smile


      I don't think there's anything strict about carbs in the paleo diet, especially if you aren't trying to lose weight.   It's about getting carbs from more natural sources, vs. refined sugars and breads.   Most eat sweet potatoes, squashes, dates, berries, etc.  The paleo diet does avoid white potatoes and rice, generally but there are plenty of other carbohydrates out there.



        And crickets....those are protein and carbs


        Running is stupid

          Like Oski mentioned, the Paleo Diet is not about carb restriction like the other misinformed poster inferred.


          The Paleo Diet is about getting rid of processed foods. It's about getting rid of wheat/gluten. The only similarity to Atkins is that meat is promoted. Some Paleo dieters like to severely restrict carbs, but that's not in the "rules".


          Also, to the poster saying that this is the "trendy" thing, well that's fine. Any trend that leads towards people feeling better, controlling metabolic diseases/disorders, and moving away from today's food consumption practices is probably a good thing.

          Running my way to being a little less fat.