Who all is here and what are you doing? (Read 16771 times)

    I'm Jeff. I started running in college 20 odd years ago when I was on the rowing team - if we weren't on the water or stationary rowing trainers (ie ergs) ashore we were running. Being in the Navy the easiest way to get an aerobic workout is to run so I kept with it. I did not get serious about racing until 2008. I prefer 15Ks to Half-Marathon distances and have done 6 marathons. Just started official training for the 2018 Carlsbad Marathon this January.


      Berney McCol


          Hi all. I'm 40 years old (how did that happen?!) and I've been running on and off for a couple of years. I'm really looking to step it up a couple of gears this year and take on some longer runs. I got into running mainly for the health benefits, of course, but I have also always admired the discipline and mindset of runners. I'm hoping that this forum will help with accountability and advice from some far more experienced runners!