Drills to correct splayed feet running form (Read 1840 times)

    Yeah, I guess "fixing" it will depend on whether or not you've identified the "problem" that causes the imperfection. If you engage your hip muscles to straighten the leg, well you are developing them to hold the leg in the right position. But maybe you are just wasting energy fighting the original thing that caused the form imperfection. Who's to say? Surely not some schmuck on the internet. But I think that solving the problem will probably take more work than just holding the leg in the "right" position.
    My left leg has been the bane of my sporting existence ever since I started... well... sporting as a young lad. Big toe ache, ankle fracture/sprain, achilles ache, patella femoral pain, hip pain, may even be longer than the right leg I often ponder about my right leg being Good, and my left leg being Evil. And as I run I think to myself... Good-Evil Good-Evil Good-Evil... Left Evil Leg! Why do you make me run so slow?!

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      Last Spring I was curious about my stride so I set a mirror in front of my treadmill. I too splay my right foot out when I bring it forward. So being the "genius" that I am, I decided to "fix" my stride. Result: sore ankle and tendons surrounding it, ITB inflamation, sore knee, sore thigh, pulled calf muscle, and even a sore back. After a month of this "fixed gait" I swore to forget about it and run naturally. After a few weeks I was back to normal, except for the calf, which took a bit longer. I learned If it ain't BROKE, don't FIX IT. Or at least be careful doing it. Wink

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        Thanks for the suggestions.

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          This thread has been helpful. One reason I didn't try running years ago was that I was self-conscious about my stupid right foot sticking out to the right. I wish now I hadn't worried about it! When I mentioned it to a couple of other women I run with, they looked at me and said, "Honestly, we never noticed anything funny about the way you run!"