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    I will be in the north Phoenix area for Christmas and looking for a good 12-14 mile run.  Any locals with some good suggestions?



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      I'm not a local but run along one of the canals,  the possibilities are endless.

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        I used to be local - moved away a few years ago.  I agree with the previous post - the canals are great to run along - pretty peaceful, and generally they have tunnels under roads so you don't have to cross too much traffic.  If you are there for a few days, I would also recommend doing a run up Camelback Mountain and / or Squaw Peak (I think they have renamed that one since I moved away).  Both are in the heart of the city, and provide a great running experience if you are up for the challenge of the climb - it isn't too high, but it is high enough that it will kick your butt, and the payoff of the great view of the city when you get to the top is worth it.

          Here's a 10miler I did last year at South Mountain Park.  Could easily exend as far as you want as there are trails galore there.  Highly recommend if you like trail running, though part of the run was on an asphalt road.  Beautiful place to run but if you do a run there be ready for very tough hills and terrain.  Bring water with you.

            The canals, Camelback, Squaw Peak are all good choices you may also consider a loop of the Javalina 100(a few miles outside of Phoenix but much better scenery).


              Thanks for all the suggestions-I plan to hit a couple of them.  Although its been unseasonably warm in Minnesota, looking forward to shorts and t shirt running in AZ.  I hiked both Squaw Peak and Camelback in the past but  I admit I am too much of a wuss to run up them    


                The Javelina loop: That's a 15.5 mile loop of something officially called the Pemberton Trail at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  There's a shortcut trail that bisects the loop if you want a shorter option.  One section is kind of rocky, but lots of it isn't (road shoes are fine).  SUPER pretty.  A bit roly poly, but not super hilly... lots of very runable stuff.  Nothing like Camelbak/CamelBack


                Depending on where you are in Phoenix, it'll be a 20-45 minute drive.


                  I second McDowell Mountain. I'd run there all the time if I lived there.

                    Saw this too late to help for Christmas but I always try to do either McDowell Mountain or South Mountain.  We vacation there in July so you have to hit the parking lot just as it gets light. Wink



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