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    First run in them today. Was a little nervous about these - have been running exclusively in 2130s and the like - more protection etc. I need not have worried - they were awesome. Why haven't I been running in them before? Anyone else train in these? Anyone use the DS Racers? Would be very interested to hear some reports on them.

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      I'm interested in feedback as well (although I think there 'was' a thread on the new 14s not too long ago). I just picked up a pair of DS Trainer 14s, but haven't run in them yet. Previously I have used Mizuno Wave Inspire, PI Streak and Nike Lunar Trainer as my lightweight trainers, but I couldn't resist theallure of the DS 14 with the new updates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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        I've only run in the DS Trainer 13s and like them. I've used them for training runs and for a 5K and 2.5 mile race. I like them. My gait is neutral but the little bit of stability is not too much. I do kinda feel the heel a little too much though. I have read some posts here complaining that they raised the heel by 1/2 inch with the 13s. I'm happy with them but when i got up over 10 miles I felt like I needed a little more shoe. My lower legs got a little fatigued. But that's just me. More running would help that I think. For now, my longer runs I go with my Brooks Glycerins. I have to say, I don't even feel the DS Trainers after wearing those.


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          I've worn the 12's and 13s and was really happy with the reduction of the arch in the 13. I hope that the 14s keep the arch about congruent with the 13s. From what I understand, there has been an expansion in the cushioning system in the 14, I am curious as to how that has affected the weight of the shoe.
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            Purdey, I've used the DS Racers and wasn't all that keen, they were reasonably quick but they cut my feet up quite badly across the top of the toes - I'd recommend trying them before you buy.

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              I am a wear tester for ASICS andI have run in all 14 versions of the DS Trainer. This is about an ounce more than the first few versions but; it has the same 20/10 profile so the additional weight isn't a problem. It fits more like the DST 7 so it is more normal. It has an outsole similar the the DST 7 as well. I have 167 miles of concrete/asphalt on my DST 14's and they show very minimal wear. I have only disliked a couple of versions and they were about 10 years ago. Most runnes I talk to are pleased with them, especially the fit. Many thought the DST 12 and 12 didn't fit too well.

                Got a notice from Road Runner Sports that this shoe is "endangered" - any idea how long I really have before I order my final 2 pairs?  Or any announcement on the DS Trainer 17?