Any interest in Pinterest? (Read 1018 times)

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      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        I actually have a few male friends on Pinterest.  One is an artist for the Doom video game series (that's pretty much the company he's been at since college...he was a HS classmate of my hubby's and stood up in our wedding).  He posts some of the coolest stuff of any of the people I follow.  Techy stuff, Art, and some retro Nikes and things.

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          Love it!  Have to admit, I don't find much time to get on it but everytime I do, I find something interesting. 

            Re-posting a friend's facebook re-post about pinterest, 


            Re-posting Chuck Player: If you're using Pinterest read their terms of service. I did, and deleted my account. Basically you're asserting that you have the rights to post whatever you "pin" and granting Coldbrew (Pinterest) the rights to redistribute and/or sell what you post and YOU accept ALL legal responsibility if they get sued as a result.

            Example: You see inspirational picture and "pin" it. Coldbrew sells picture to poster company. Poster company puts it on... well, they're a poster company... where do you think they put it? Photographer of original photo sees poster in store and sends his pack of rabid lawyer-squirrels to poster company. Poster company redirects rabid lawyer-squirrels to Coldbrew. Coldbrew sends them on to you. Rabid lawyer-squirrels eat your naughty bits for lunch.

            Disclaimer: Not actual legal advice.