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    well after taking 1/2 of june and all of July off I am finally back to running. My excuse is pretty pathetic too--my mp3 player broke and i couldnt fathom running without it. i just used that as an excuse. so this past week i finally got back into the groove and put in an 18 mile week. not too bad for only beginning running in april, then taking off about 6 weeks. i forgot how great it feels to finish a run. what a rush it is to accomplish something you never thought you could. today I did 4 miles, and it was tough, i ran slow, but I am following the halhigdon 1/2 marathon training and hopefully I can keep it up. oh and I splurged and bought a garmin...what a great motivating tool! I found a good deal on amazon and I couldnt pass it up, I am a sucker for gagets! ok now i am rambling but just wanted to post how much i really missed running and how happy I am that I am back!

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      Welcome back to the road. Keep up the good work.

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        Great job!

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          It's great to read that. It makes me want to go out for a run! Smile thanks for sharing
            That's awesome. Welcome back to the obsession!!!! Evil grin
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              Welcome back, Kerry!!! Wink It does feel good to re-start. Today, I started running again following a 9 month layoff. Thought it would be slow and painful but it wasn't bad at all. During my 30 years or so of doing this dance, I have found that some time off once in a while is good for the bod. (I do replace it with other exercise, particularly long, fast walking several times a week.) By building sabbaths into my schedule every so often I really think has helped to keep nagging injuries away.

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                Hey K Big grin Good to see you on RA Smile
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