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    Anyone here use a treadmill? Recently purchased a NordicTrack Commercial series because gyms are still indefinitely closed and the summer heat and humidity in NY is getting to me on my runs. Was comparing a T series model to the 1750 and ultimately the latter seems to have the edge for what I want/need, including a higher top speed as I sometimes run over 10mph. Actually not my first treadmill - had a cheap one in the UK but it was too slow and featureless so I learned you get what you pay for with these. Maybe I'll run more often now that I have one right in my place. Now that I have a multigym and soon a treadmill at mine the gym membership is becoming more obsolete. How is your treadmill and do you prefer running outside or on a treadmill in your home or in a gym?


      I generally prefer to run outside, but when the heat and humidity are high, I run on the TM. I don't handle humidity at all well. I'll also use the TM when the roads are icy or if it's pouring rain.

        Treadmills are not a good substitute for real world running, but they're better than the other alternatives.

        Spent a lot of time on the 'mill when living in Summit County Colorado.

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          The Nordic Track treadmills are reasonable for the price and probably best used as an alternative on days where situation/conditions don't allow for an outside run.  They aren't up to high mileage usage.  A good number of years ago that treadmill model went on sale and a handful of us here bought them, a couple of us pretty fast marathoners who ran a lot of treadmill mileage.  We destroyed them pretty quickly.  I had mine about 18 months, went through 7 decks and numerous other parts, they finally declared it a lemon and refunded my money to get out of the repairs (amicable solution on both sides).


          Both of us went to treadmills more than twice the price and lived happily ever after.  Though I had a LifeSpan after the NordicTrack before I went to the Landice....it made it about 3 years with a fraction of the repairs.

          For context, at that time I was running up to 2000 miles a year on the treadmill.


          Back then I ran majority on the treadmill because my kids were young and it was often run on the treadmill or don't run because I couldn't leave them alone.  I now run even a higher % on treadmill, but much lower volume.  Mainly due to chronic (non-running related) hip issues which sometimes cause me to have to abandon a run in the middle.  And abandoning an 8-10 mile run 4-5 miles from home is problematic.


          It has not been my experience that treadmills are sub-optimal to outdoor training.  I ran marathons in the 2:30s doing the majority of the work on a treadmill.  It is difficult to do true speedwork on a treadmill, and for marathons one does have to get on the road and "harden" one's legs so they don't become hamburger 20 miles in.

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            My treadmill is alright, but I find running on a dreadmill is harder than running outside.

            I run on the DM when it is below -30*C because I can't run solo outside at those temps.

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              I've had my Landice for over 6 years and it was a great choice.  I prefer outside, but use it when it is cold, rainy, dark or just to add a couple of miles while I watch TV.  I have a good basement set up for it.  It wasn't cheap (L7 model with cardio display), but it was the right choice for me.

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