Running shoe makes 'clicking' noise (Read 333 times)


    My new Adidias Supernova make a  really annoying noise when i run.


    After 10 min or so, one shoe sounds like it has a stone in it.  It clicks with every stride and is really really annoying. There is no stone or abrasion that i can see. 


    Anyone else had this happen and if so what did you do to get rid of it. 

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      When I get a clicking noise, it's sometimes the end of the lace hitting something.  I tuck the laces it.    I get abnormally aggravated by noises like that.  I hate hate hate when zippers click, so I put tape on them.


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        I also vote for shoelaces. This happens from time to time. I just tuck the end under one of the tight ones and problem solved.

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