Occasional Nerve Spasms in my knee. (Read 16 times)

Future running partner.

    For some reason over the last couple of weeks I have been getting occasional nerve spasms in my right knee. It will happen when I am running if my foot lands on some unexpected, slightly uneven terrain, I will get a sharp pain for a very brief moment (half second)  around my whole knee and if its bad enough it will shoot up the outside of my leg. Its generally only been occurring just a few times on my runs lately. But yesterday it seemed to happen more frequently and was even more painful. My knee has been a little tender since and has kind of a loose feeling to it. So I am planning on taking today off.  My background is that when I'm in full swing I typically run anywhere from 40 to 60 miles a week, there was even a few weeks a couple of falls ago when my mileage was hitting 70's.  I have had a lot of inconsistency since last May, when I was at my fittest. Now I am trying to get my consistency back but I am starting slow and low, at  about 20 mpw. My weight has gone up since May as well, from about 147 to about 158 now. I generally feel like I have a pretty efficient form. I run in Kinvaras and I typically land about 170 spm. I'm also run very quiet. I tend to sneak up on people when running if I don't warn them in advance. I'm about to order some new shoes, to get more cushioning and see if that helps. Whats odd is most of the time when running I feel fine except for just those quick instances. So I'm not convinced new shoes will help. I'm hoping its just a niggle and will go away soon. Its a little frustrating because I am trying to get my mileage up to where I was a last spring but here I am struggling to even get to 20 without something hurting. Has any body had any experience with this? Any thoughts or insights would be much appreciated.