10-mile race coming up April 2nd (Read 782 times)


    I've been running for almost two years now. I've run several races, from a 1-mile race to the Marine Corps Marathon, and most distances in between. My next goal is to get fast, or at least faster. For the 10-mile race coming up, any suggestions for a good training regimen?

    You'll ruin your knees!

      I'm no speedster, but I think the key will be to put some variety in your routine, particularly speed play and repeats. Here is a link that talks about fartlek running...http://www.brianmac.demon.co.uk/fartlek.htm Here's another on advanced training for 10K's...which will include info on speed work... http://www.runningplanet.com/articles/article_detail.asp?article_id=170 Good luck! Lynn B

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        You running the Cherry Blossom run in D.C.?