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    I run with Nike Air Presto shoes, but unfortunately, I always "blow out" the outer sides of my sneakers (where the vamp connects to the welt). Essentially, the neoprene-like material tears away from the lower.


    Link to image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EXfwva0xnGiuOww9laqRT6LdURAbCQ0r

    On older Prestos, I was using size XL, and this happened. So, when I purchased a new pair, I bought both size 12 and size 13, thinking I just needed a larger size. The 13's were way too long, but the vamp area was still tight on my feet, so I returned them. Size 12 feel good length-wise but still tight on the vamp area.

    I called Nike to check on WIDE sizes, but either they didn't make them for Air Prestos or they were not available.


    Is there a way for me to reinforce this area, so I don't blow out them again?



      You could try stitching them with upholstery thread, and applying a layer of shoe goo. Personally, I think I'd try some different model shoes.

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        The air presto isn’t a running shoe so may not be designed to stand up to the stresses of running. Maybe try a different shoe.