A guide for eating a less crappy diet (Read 573 times)


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    That was fantastic! My mother would love that (of course, she'd also tell me "duh"). She's an RD.
      Very informative, thanks.


      Needs more cowbell!

        ITA...with the exception of: Raises cholesterol: Saturated fats, cholesterol, transfats. I have not found this to be the case...at all--except for the transfats. At least not for me. I know the jury is still out on this, though. I ate low-carb/high-fat for several years and my blood-work all improved. Only thing that made it even better was the addition of a lot of running. I am not convinced that *natural* fats in any form are bad (assuming one is not just sitting eating sticks of butter). I eat a LOT of cheese, which is high in saturated fats. Always have. For a lot of people high glycemic carbs to excess are the real danger. k

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          I got lost in craptaculous.com. that was hysterical! but the guide was good too. Big grin
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