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    I don't think electrolyte usage is a one size fits all.  I've never really needed them for any runs less than marathon distance or if it's cool out.  



    I've had consistent experience with electrolytes eliminating headaches during/after a long run but their affect on cramps and dizziness has been very inconsistent.  I'll probably continue to take them during long races just as a preventative but this year I plan to completely cut them out of training runs even the 30 milers to see what happens.



      During cold weather, I really only need a few sips of gatorade during runs more than 13 miles (my longest so far being 15). But I am on the fence with gatorade, I'd like to find an alternative, or less sugar if I can which is why I am looking into electrolyte tablets. Of course I won't really need to worry about using them until warmer temps get here (eventually), I'd say temps above 75 during long runs, and temps above 85 during other runs (none of my runs are less than an hour). It also, and really truly depends on humidity for me which can cause me to sweat A LOT even in temps around 70, and I can get very dizzy and light-headed.. or at least I had that issue last summer and I wasn't really doing a lot of hydrating because I figured my longest runs weren't going over 11-12 miles.

      I've ordered Hammer Fizz Grape (Love Grape flavored anything), I think one or two tubes, I also have GU Brew Strawberry Lemonade and I tested a half tablet in a 16 oz bottle of water, I like the taste of it. I went ahead and ordered a couple tubes of the Peach Tea, I do like Peach Tea during hot summer days so that sounds very refreshing.

      I tried the Nunn.... I think it was strawberry, and it had a very faint taste, or lack of but I could definitely taste something like carbonation..... didn't like it too much..... I guess I do prefer more flavor, but during hot, hot weather anything is refreshing I guess. Smile

      I am trying to make this simple, and not run around like a chicken with it's head cut off because I hope to be participating in my first ultra next March so I kind of want/hope to have the whole fueling thing down as best I can. Fueling is definitely a new thing for me, I used to bite my thumb at the idea of all that fueling but I know I need to figure it out if I want to have a chance in enjoying ultras.

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        Keep in mind that fuel (sugar is one type) and electrolytes (predominantly sodium) are different things. If you depend on one solution for them, and you need more carbs or more/less sodium or whatever, you're stuck with that mix - unless you also have supplemental stuff - like salt or carbs.


        My rate of fluid intake is insufficient to supply adequate calories, so I depend on foods for most of my calories. I'm not a heavy sweater and we don't get that much heat, usually, so I rarely use anything except salty food (pretzels, wheat thins, margarita shot bloks).


        Depending upon how long you're on your feet in an ultra, you may start in freezing temperatures, run through a hot afternoon, then cool down after sun goes down. Your sweat rates and salt needs may change over that time.


        I use a maltodextrin-based drink, like Clip2 to get away from simple sugars. Drinking 10oz/hr, that provides less than 100cal/hr.


        YMMV, but be sure you understand the difference between hydration, electrolytes, and fuel and how to deal with each.


        Have fun.

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          I;ve tried most of them at one time or another.  My favorite is Accelerade (powder form) because it seems to help, taste fine, & has 4-1 carb to protein ratio.  Accel is the gel form of Accelerade.  Have used Accel but usually go with the powder because it is not as strong tasting & less of a hassle during a run. If I use Accel now I use it before a race.  We do use all of our energy sources & not just carbs (although carbs is our #1 source) .  Nowdays dont use anything for training runs, only before races.  If I were back into marathon training & extending my runs back to 15+ then would probably start using electrolyte supplements again.   right now my long runs are between 10-12 as not training for anything longer than HM's.  Also I live in the PNW with more moderate weather & less extremes.

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            I use SaltStick, although after reading Tim Noakes' stuff I am wondering how necessary it really is.


            P.S. I live in the tropics, where it's high humidity and upper 80's (at least) year-round.


            I live in the tropics too (also high humidity and high temps). So:

            - Nuun cola - that's had a plug already. +1 from me, tastes like flat Coke but in a good way.

            - Saltstick - I like these, but Powergels contain more sodium that a saltstick tablet, and Gu salty caramel has a heap of sodium too. Still, I like the balance in a saltstick and it seems to work without me noticing it (if that makes sense).

            - Powergel has a lot of electrolytes. Multipower gel too (but hard to get) - recent marathons I've got through on Powergels alone and not touched the saltsticks


              Any one familiar with Schwedentabletten(Swedish tablets)? I don't see any documentation  about it in English. It seems to be just normal salt based tablets , one may take two or three at a time.

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                I used to use the gummy Gu blocks until one day I was halfway through a run when my girlfriend mentioned I was missing a tooth. I wondered why they were so crunchy.

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                  I've tried gatorade and salt stick caplets. Salt stick holds off leg cramps in the summer, for me. My husband introduced me to scratch labs hydration drink which seems to work well and tastes pretty good (http://www.skratchlabs.com/products/exercise-hydration-mix-1). It's pricey, though.


                  SKRATCHLABS ! Ive tried NUNN and Gatorade and Powerade. I got cramps drinking neon yellow drinks. The Nunn, didnt taste good to me, but Ive only tried 2 of the 4 flavors I purchased. Skratch is really a simple mix. Sugar, salts, freeze-dried fruit. I save it for longer runs or hotter runs, but I love the taste (orange, raspberry, lemon-lime, hot cider) pineapple was just okay. Skratch also makes this Endurance type mix with double the salt concentration. I wasnt able to tolerate that.  -


                  I know this topic is about tablets, and I wish Skratch made them. The company is very strongly based in not adding junk. Like, anti-caking, coloring, preservatives... nothing that isnt essential. They dont feel they can make a tablet without adding stuff. But, the mix will harden if it isnt kept dry (no anti-caking) so... I plan to experiment by trying to make my own tablets from this.

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