2014 Rock & roll HOF (Read 48 times)

    that time again to discuss the merits of who should or should not be nominated.   or even if a particular artist should be considered Rock & Roll.  With that said, below is who I gave my 5 votes to, in order .


    1. Nirvana- was not the 1st or maybe not the even the best of the Seattle Grunge bands.  but "Nevermind" and "Smells like teen spirit

       exploded the Seattle/NW grunge movement into national & international domination (+ the fact I'm from Seattle  & greater PNW)


    2. Deep Purple- should have made it last year.  DP along with Black Sabbath were predicessors of Heavy  Metal.  "My woman from

        Tokyo" along with "Hush" two of my all-time favorites.


    3. Linda Ronstadt-could argue that good portion of her music not really rock & roll but what a cutie in her early days & one of the

        greatest female voices of all time. very very sad that her singing career is over.  Have great admiration  for her courage/ability to      "march to the beat of a different drum".  one of the alltime great crossover artists


    4.Cat Stevens-great voice & tremendous songwriter & although I don't have same religious beliefs, I have  respect for him

       standing firm on his own beliefs.  Not always easy.


    5.Kiss-not one of my favorites but will give them the last nod because of their sales, stage presence, & influence (not always positive).         Some of  some of their songs are  classic rock & will be played forever.

    Break on through

      Cat Stevens is less rock & roll than Linda Ronstadt.  I'm surprised Deep Purple is not already in for many years. I agree with Nirvana.  I can't deny the popularity of Kiss, though I'm not a fan either.

      "Not to touch the Earth, not to see the Sun, nothing left to do but run, run, run..."

        Beat,     pretty much in agreement with what you said