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    I'm a member of the Rocky Mountain Road Runners. They have really fun monthly Trophy Series races. Everyone has a handicap and your starting time is based on your handicap (slower people start sooner, fastest are the last to toe the line). Points are awarded based on net finishing times, and the person with the most points at the end of the year wins the trophy.

    They also put on half and full marathon training races and offer discounts at local running stores; I think weekly track workouts are about to start up again as well. I joined primarily for the Trophy Series; it's nice to have a laid back monthly race to look forward to that's included in my membership.


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      I belong to the Harrisburg area road runners and the river runners. I run with the river runners sometimes to run with different people and different scenery than around my house.

      2017 goals:

      sub 1:30 half 


        I've been in a running club for the last 5 years.     The good thing about them is you can be as active or as inactive as you want to but, but normally a decent running club will have a group run of some kind once per week, our club has Marathon training in the Spring primarily geared at Boston and Marathon training in the Fall primarily geared at the Bay State Marathon.


        Additionally, there are track/speed workouts every Wednesday with a good coach whom is a 2:50 Marathoner and really knows what she is doing......


        And then a few gatherings per year -- the Annual club meeting, 5K race and Pasta feed in June, the Christmas eve group run and refreshments afterwards.....and the winter party in February (NO RACE - just a get together).......And a 5K race every Saturday morning at a local college (no frills no thrills race that costs $4)....


        The cost of membership is the LOW LOW Price of $20 per year.


        Its really fun to show up to a race and know a lot of people that are there --- cause its a little boring to go to a race and not know anyone.....which is the initial reason I joined - so I would have someone to go to races with...

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          This week I passed another milestone. I have 66,018 miles of running since 1978 for an average of 10K a day


          Amazing! I am not sure if I would carry on running so much (only up to 55 mpw for me) after this coming marathon. And I don't like racing. It hurts. :-)

          5k - 20:56 (09/12), 7k - 28:40 (11/12), 10k trial - 43:08  (03/13), 42:05 (05/13), FM - 3:09:28 (05/13), HM - 1:28:20 (05/14), Failed 10K trial - 6:10/mi for 4mi (08/14), FM - 3:03 (09/14)