Western States Just Wont Be the Same... (Read 698 times)

You'll ruin your knees!

    ...without ME! I wasn't selected in the lottery on Saturday. In fact, only three Texans were pulled from the gatorade cooler. With the worst odds in history, the average entrant had about a 23% chance of having his/her name pulled (after previous winners, Montrail Cup winners, third strikers, international placeholders, etc.). Trying not to be bummed, but it makes one heck of an excuse to skip the runs lately! Now, decisions, decisions...will it be Massanutten, Bighorn, Vermont or Tahoe Rim Trail. What say ye? http://www.vhtrc.org/mmt/index.htm +'s- can't think of many, -'s- Nasty, rocky tough race http://www.vermont100.com/ +'s- Beautiful course, lots of rolling hills -'s- run concurrent with 100 mi horse race http://www.bighorntrailrun.com/100/index.html +'s Three major river canyons, incredible views/wildflowers (have experience on this course), -'s tough cutoffs, some altitude, can be hot or cold, very remote http://www.tahoemtnmilers.org/trt50/ +'s- Sweeping views of lake Tahoe, -'s- likely to be hot/warm, repeat 50 mile course 2x Lynn B

    ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

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      That Vermont one sounds really cool...other than that I have no educated opinion. Too bad on Western States, though. My hubby's uncle ran that a few years back. Sounds pretty brutal! But you're right--it won't be the same without our own Lynn representing RA! Smile k

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        Lynn, I answer this question with a comprehensive lack of inexperience in all facets of ultras. After a browse through those sites though, this quote screamed out at me... "We pass through the lower canyon to the rock ledge that hangs above the Tongue River. We romp through a phenomenal setting of majestic rock walls and a frolicking snowmelt river. Our run is halted now and again to just look and listen. It is hard to compare this setting to anything else near as beautiful." That was from one of the race reports at the Big Horn Trail Run. It sounds incredible and mind blowingly, earth shatteringly difficult. It also sounds completely breath taking. Sorry about the Western States, that sucks. I'll finish with a freshly plucked analagy - 'As Beatrice Dalle has lips - Lynn has runner's courage'. I have always admired Ms Dalle's lips - the rest of her is quite perky too! I look forward to hearing what you decide Lynn. Claire xxx
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          Just from looking at pictures on the sites you posted, I have to agree that the Big Horn sounds the prettiest... and potentially most challenging due to lack of air... Evil grinI think you should go for it! Evil grin Big grin Just don't forget to train!

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            Hey, Sorry about Western States. Vermont is beautiful.. I live in New Hampshire about 30 minutes from the start of the Vermont 100 (I assume that's the one you are talking about). My family and I man the mile 72 aide station and I have paced runners in the past. We'd love to see you come through! Anna
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              Lynn, bummer about WS100. You're too good for them anyway Big grin I don't know much about all the other ones, but I am willing to be one of your crews if you do Vermont Smile


                hm. Bighorn and Vermont both sound lovely Smile
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                  Truly a bummer. I actually had a note scribbled on my calendar on 12/2, but wasn't going to ask - I figured no news was bad news. Hardrock instead? Evil grin That one sounds, um, fun. Okay, maybe not. Does your next 100 have to be in the same time frame? From what little I know, if I were you I'd aim for something with more elevation change than Vermont, something in between the RR you already did and WS100. Sort of a stepping stone. As for missing the lottery ... well, the bright side is you get another year to prepare. Or two. I'd need them. What about Angeles Crest? I've heard its not much harder than WS, and pretty cool. Of the four you mention, I'd pick Tahoe. Beautiful, and you've done 20-mile loops, now do a couple 50. Good preparation for WS elevation, not too ridiculous. My 2 cents.
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                  You'll ruin your knees!

                    Thanks everyone for the input. I have eliminated Massanutten cause even I can't rationalize missing my youngest son's wedding. Jake's got a point about Vermont not having all that much altitude change, however, the ups and downs there seem to take a very high toll on the runners' legs, providing a very challenging race. Another plus about Vermont is the offers I am getting for crewing/pacing! Bonus! Because of son's wedding, May is out, so June is earliest. Training for a mountain 100 miler in Texas in the summer is not appealing (although I am not above that!). I have thought Angeles Crest (September) would be an outstanding race to run, and I have exerienced part of that course. It falls a little late (summer training) for my tastes. I might consider picking it up as an option if I am successful in getting through a good race in June/July. I can't get Bighorn out of my mind... http://www.dclundell.net/photography/running/2004-06-18_bighorn_trail_100/IMG_1469.JPG.html http://www.lesstraveled.com/Interests/Running/BigHorn50_2005/Big%20Horn%2050.pdf Hardrock, you're just freakin' crazy! Now, I've got a buddy tryin' to get in Badwater... Lynn B

                    ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

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                      Sorry about the lottery, hope you get in next year. FYI this was on the ultralist: Hello from beautiful Lake Tahoe, We're very excited to announce that we found out last evening that the USA Track & Field MUT committed has awarded the Tahoe Rim Trail 100-Miler as the 2007 USA Track & Field 100-Mile National Championship. As many of you may already now our 100-Miler was previously awarded as the 2007 Road Runners Club of America National Championship so they will now be held simultaneously this coming July 21-22. Current event qualification standards, volunteer requirements and medical remain the same. Additional details about the USA Track & Field 100-Mile National Championship, including specific qualification requirements and awards will be added to our website as they become available. Registration for the event is available via active.com; http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1378820 or you can print a registration form from our event web site at; http://www.tahoemtnmilers.org/trt50/index.html We hope to see and host many of you this coming summer. David Cotter Co-RD Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100M Endurance Runs Now you've got me thinking about it (the 50 miler)

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