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    I get this intermittently, It seems to really be time of day dependent.

    eric :)

      Hi kmalsom,

      Thanks for the tip.  It does seem time of day related according to the server logs.  I have modified the logging code to include additional debugging info.  I am hoping that will produce the answer I need to fix the problem.


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      eric :)

        I think I figured out the time of day issue.  It turned out the weather service that I use has a daily limit.  RA is exceeding that limit rather quickly.  I will need to either sign up for the "premium" account, or use a different service.

        eric :)

          Hi all,

          I switched the weather widget to use a different weather service.  It might not be as reliable as the previous one, and I don't know how accurate it is.  I do know that it is much less restrictive than the previous one.  Switching to a new weather service means a new set of weather stations so you'll have to update your weather widget.  Please let me know if something doesn't look right.


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            So far so good, except the bottom half of the widget tells me nothing other than tomorrow is Friday.

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              Thanks for your attention to this Eric!  The weather widget is showing the current weather without issue.  However, as was reported by LedLincoln for the next day it only shows the day and a generic icon for the predicted weather.  So right now I am seeing a sun icon for Saturday, but no indication of high and low temperature or anything else.


                This morning the weather widget is showing today's weather and tomorrow's expected weather including high and low temps.  Thanks for taking care of it Eric!

                eric :)

                  This weather service is slightly different in the way it returns the data.  Today's high and low still aren't correct but I'm hoping it's caused by RA caching the data.  I'll readjust if the values don't improve.


                    Weather widget is showing High and Low temperatures the same as the current temperature.


                    Icon showing current conditions is now a question mark for both today's and tomorrow's conditions.  We are currently cloudy and rainy, so a cloud with rain icon would be expected.


                    Team Effort



                      I am still not receiving the Weather Widget.


                      You may already know about these sites that I can and do get weather from:







                      Whether they have widgets or not, I leave that up to you.




                      eric :)

                        Hi Roger,

                        I have looked into some of the services you mentioned.  I am somewhat constrained by what I can do.  I have the following requirements for a weather service:


                        RA needs to talk to it to get the weather data.  Having the weather service provide the widget is not enough because it might require the user to copy and paste HTML, which would also introduce security issues.


                        Global weather stations

                        Even though most of the users are based in the US, there is still a significant number of users in other countries.  Therefore, the weather service has to have a global weather network.



                        I would prefer a free service.  Even though some services allow x lookups a day, that may not be sufficient.  I'm ok with paying for the service, but it has to be cost effective.


                        Historical data

                        This is optional.  It would be nice to have historical data to populate workouts.  Some of these sites charge a lot of money ($500 / month) for access to this data, regardless of number of queries per month.


                        I'm not completely happy with the new weather service.  The weather data doesn't seem accurate to me.  I might have to switch back to the previous service and upgrade to the premium service.


                          Eric - I am going to suggest that you go back to the previous weather service and pay the price for premium service.  Of course, it is your call.  I may take it off my summary screen since it is of limited use currently.


                          The current service is making the weather widget of limited use:


                          (1)  The icons for current conditions (today) and predicted conditions (tomorrow) do not display much of the time.  Instead I often see a question mark.

                          (2)  The high temperature and lower temperature values are often both equal to the current temperature for today.  This leads me to suspect whether the values I get are accurate.

                          (3)  Sometimes the predicted high temperature and low temperature for the next day do not display.

                          (4) I really appreciate the functionality you provide that populates the weather when I upload a run a day or two later.  However, the last few times it seems the historical weather has been wrong.  For my Monday run it showed rain/overcast and 78 degrees.  When I did my run it was clear and sunny, but no where near 78 degrees.,


                          Just in case you need it, I generally access RA using Chrome Version 42.0.2311.135 m on a Windows 7 desktop.