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    hector -- why is the Kinvara scarier than the Cortana?  (I tried the Kinvaras, didn't like them.)  I'm always impressed by even splits like that -- I can't ever seem to accomplish it.  Good luck in your race!


    miele --7:56 is about as close as you can get to 7:55 without actually hitting it!  I'd call that a success.  Nice job!  And what is a "people friendly" hill?!


    Edith -- the Ghost 5s just feel a lot more cushioned to me; I don't like such a soft shoe.  And the tongue is longer and thicker, which is just silly.  I wanted to do the Divas half last year, but I was afraid it was too much too soon.  So not my sort of thing, but I like doing "not me" things occasionally, you know?


    stever -- yikes, that sounds scary!!  It sucks that you have to wait for the test, but I hope it goes well.


    Jan -- the "does it hurt or doesn't it?" game is so mentally draining.  I hope you're all fixed up ASAP!


    me -- I had two rest days in a row, thanks to my least favorite holiday ever... but I needed them, I guess, because my shin was really hurting on Monday.  I ran four miles today and it felt okay, but it's annoying me.  I just want it to behave all the time!!

    chasing 5:59


    because i never shut up ... i blog


      EdithRevisited – I definitely am going to have PR this Saturday(this would be my first HMSmile). I hope you had fund running 9 miles. Good luck with your race this Saturday


      Zelanie – you did a great job in running a couple of long runs. It is nice that you are officially in tapering mode. I am sure that you will get rested and will feel very strong and ready for the race in a couple of weeks.


      Miele – that is some serious leg work out! Yeah I am excited about the race this Saturday am mentally ready for it. Good job in getting hill workout. It is exciting that you signed up for 10k after a couple of weeks.


      Jan26.2 – I am sorry that you did not feel great on your 3 min run/walk. I’m curious about leg lengths. Did you ask doctor if it is common or not? I think that size of two feet won’t be exact for majority of people and length of two legs would not be exact for more people then we think of. I don’t know about my legs or feet, but I have noticed that when I start sweating on treadmill, I see more sweat being dropped on my left side than right one. But I have never cared about trying to figure out the reason for it. I am glad that you felt good in your 3.5 miles run


      Bluerun – I find Kinvara scarier than Cortona because when I try Kinarva, I don’t feel like I have much cushion. They feel minimalist shoes and since I havent used minimalistic shoes, I am thinking I might get injured. I know I used to play a lot without wearing shoes as kid, and I should be okay using Kinvara, but I haven’t feel comfortable to use them as of now. Just take it easy and hope your shin feels fine soon


      Me – I am not running anymore. Just going to race this Saturday

        Stever - Wow, that's scary.  Hope everything checks out fine and it was just a one time weird thing.


        Jan - sorry to hear about the hip/glute issues, hopefully this last run was a sign of things to come and it is going to fix itself.


        miele - your training sounds like it's going really well.  You'll get that hill next time!


        Shoes - I'm running in Skechers Go Runs right now.  Not much cushion and they force you to mid foot land.  So far so good, I'm on my 2nd pair and my first pair has over 350 miles on them and my 2nd pair is right at 250.  I moved my first pair to backup duty around 300 miles, the soles seem to show a lot of wear because of the material, but they are still holding up.  I paid $43.30 for them including shipping from Amazon so they are my cheapest shoe per mile right now.  I've actually seen them as low at $26 on Amazon in a few colors and sizes.


        Me - Feel like my training is going really well.  Had a great MP Tempo run Tuesday at White Sands National Monument while I was traveling from New Mexico to Arizona for work and then had a really good Strength interval workout this morning in Artesia, NM and am home now.  I drove more miles in the last 3 days than I ran all last year though!   Really enjoying the Hansons Plan.  Have my last 18 miler on Saturday, I should have one more long run in 2 weeks, but I'm moving some stuff around and probably won't do one.  I still might though.  My plan calls for 67 miles this week, but I think I'm going to sneak in a few extra to get to 70 this week just to hit the milestone.  My streak is up to 85 days and 657 miles, my average per day is hanging right at 7.7 miles.  Going to try to keep it going to at least 100 before I break it.  If I stick with the plan I'll hit 275 miles for March.  Would have never guessed I would EVER be running this kind of mileage.


        Took a few pictures on my run at White Sands.  This was while I was running.  The road is basically packed sand.  Think packed snow except it never melts.


        After I finished running I couldn't help but take a picture of the sun setting and the moon rising.


        It is kind of odd just pulling over on a long drive and going for a run, but sometimes it is very rewarding.


        Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I hope my 18 miler this weekend goes better than my last one.  Good luck Hector!

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          Jan-  I'm liking this plan with the tough workouts.  Maybe it's the lower mileage of HM training but I'm not feeling so fatigued like I did during marathon even with 2-3 tough workouts a week.  I misunderstood your previous post completely and thought you had gotten the shot.  Did you tell your chiro what the gyno said (OK, that made me chuckle)? Between the two of them they should fix you up.  Glad your latest run was so much better than the other ones.  Definitely a sign of good things to come.  My right leg is a little shorter than my left and one hip is kind of tilted.  When I walk I feel like there's a little hitch in my gate.  So far, knock on wood, I haven't had any serious issues from it but, who knows, maybe some smaller issues were caused by it.   Did you get the heel lift?  What did the chiro say today when he saw you?


          blue-  But that one second discrepancy is killing me!  Totally unacceptable!  TeeHee.  Just kidding.  A 'people friendly' hill is one that allows me to sprint up it without feeling like my heart is going to jump out of my chest and start cussing me out.  It's a good thing you had a forced break from running.  Sounds like your shin really needed it.  Hope it's all better now.


          hector-  I guess it's all relative since I feel like the Kinvaras have a decent amount of cushioning for a minimalist shoe.  The important thing is to find the shoe that's right for and if you're happy with the Cortanas then why switch.  I tend to try different shoes when I find a crazy sale that can't be ignored.


          Nathan-  The Streaker!  Those are some beautiful pics.  Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if you managed to work in that final long run.  My BIL runs in Skechers and he likes them a lot.


          me-  SRD for me today.  I don't think I could ever streak like docjen and Nathan.  I like my rest days too much.  Didn't you streak, too, Edith?  I did go to the gym and worked out back and bis.  Tomorrow I've got a tough run: 14 miles with 6 @ HMP.  I'm a little behind on these as I'm only up to 4 miles @HMP when I should have already done 5.  Oh well, we'll see how it goes.  I'm changing the course to avoid intersections.  I'm going to try and average 8:25.

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            bluerun - How's the shin? I hope it's decided to behave. Hopefully it's just tired and needed a break.


            hector - When I read your first sentence (I am not running anymore) I thought Shocked. Then I read on and thought Big grin that's better. Good luck this weekend!


            Nathan- Those pictures are amazing! What a beautiful place to run. Your streak is so inspiring, and 275 miles in one month is freaking awesome!


            miele - Good luck with the run this weekend - 6 miles at HMP is tough, but I have no doubt you'll hit your pace, and probably end up running even faster than the 8:25. I'd like to try the Hall plan for my half in October, which will most likely be the only race in which I have a time goal this year. (At least that's what my chiro is recommending).


            me - The chiro visit went well yesterday. The range of motion in my hip(s) is good, and he said I have a lot more flexibility than I did a week ago when he saw me. He did adjustment #1 on my hips, then stretched out my left side like it's never been stretched before. He also took some measurements on my legs, and said I have such a discrepancy that in the old days, a doctor would have made me wear those shoes where one heel is built up really high and the other is normal. He said if we can't get my hips in better alignment and get these left side issues under control, then wearing a heel lift (inside my shoe) is still an option. I asked him about the hip bursitis, and he did some poking and pressing (which didn't hurt nearly as much as when the gyno did it), and said that if I had bursa issues I wouldn't have been able to stand the pressing. So, looks like no magic shot for me. I ran 4 miles this morning, and felt even better than yesterday. He said he'd like me to run only 3-4 days a week, and hold off on any  speed work until my runs are completely pain free. I'll go in for an adjustment every week for the next month, then he'll do some more measurements and see where things are. All in all, good news!

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              hector - I know this is super after the fact, but I wanted to say that I saw Maroon 5 while they were here is KC, too!  I thought they were great in concert.  Of course, I have a pretty big crush on Adam Levine, so that helps... Good luck in your race tomorrow!


              Zelanie - you are really training great and I think will kill your next race!


              stever - yikes, man.  Glad everything so far is ok and hopefully the further testing will be, too.  I once had an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) for work up of different problem and the final report is one of my favorite medical reports of all time:  "Impression:  slow heart rate, relatively bulky left ventricle, otherwise normal, consistent with athlete's heart."


              Jan - ugh, I hope you get the hip stuff figured out soon.  Trochanteric bursitis (what I'm guessing the gyno thought you had) usually causes outer hip pain.  It's often worse after sitting for a while and first getting up, and after increased activity like running.  It hurts to press on it - basically, at the widest part of your hip on the outside you can feel the greater trochanter of the femur as a hard area.  Usually there is one spot that is very tender to pressure, as well as the generalized area hurting with activity or prolonged sitting.


              npaden - so impressed with your streak and your total milage.  I'm having a flop of a last couple weeks (more below)  I can't wait to see how your next race goes!


              miele - I love the people friendly hill idea!  It sounds like your workouts have been going well, also!  You need to take a run at my 1/2 PR at some point here!


              Others I'm out of time for - HI!  I like to read about everyone's training, even when I'm too tight for time to reply.


              me - Not having stellar training weeks last week and this week.  Last week, I was on vacation in Phoenix visiting my mom.  We also drove to the Grand Canyon and hiked (which was so fabulous!)  On Saturday and Sunday I attended a conference all day.  I ended the week without about 40 miles, including the hiked miles and missed my long run entirely due to travel drama.  I got home about midnight Sunday night, and started our inpatient medicine teaching service at 7 am on Monday.  That's being at work at 7 am every week day, taking phone call every night, and caring for a bunch of sick hospitalized patients and teaching 4 residents.  So far, I'm at 21 miles for the week with 2 days missed entirely and my medium long run missed.  Kind of freaking out and it's 22 days until the marathon.  I have to work Saturday and Sunday, but I'm taking part of Monday off to do my last 20 miler.  Of course it's supposed to be in the 60s over the weekend, and Monday when I have time to run, it's supposed to be a HIGH of 37 and raining!  Ugh.  Nothing I can do about it now.  I feel like I'm still likely to PR at my marathon, but I don't think I have 3:45 (my BQ) just yet.  I think I need a more solid training cycle than this has turned out to be!  That said, I'm going to go out at 3:45 pace.  I've never really had a blow up in a race, and although that might be beyond my current ability, I don't think it's too ridiculously fast, and at this point I think I have nothing to lose.  I can always try again if I bonk!


              If you ask

                Stever - isn't it just amazing where we meet fellow runners?  Who would have thought in an ambulance!  I'm glad to hear that you're okay.


                Miele - I will pretend to be surprised when you kill your PR at this 10k. Nice hill work.  I understand the need to conquer hills.  I have a few of those.  Me, streak???  Hahahahahaha.  I'm not tough enough.  Hope your run tomorrow is great and you can maintain pace.  Oh, and btw, there is one hill in the woods where we do our hill training that my bro named "happy hill".  It's never people friendly.


                Jan - the Mudfest is just a trail run.  Many of these races were named well before those obstacle thingies.  There will be hills, rocks, downed trees, along with hidden eggs and Peeps at mile 7.  A guy dressed as Dorothy hands them out.    I sure am happy to read that you were able to run, even if only 3.5, and then 4.   I hope it all gets cured, and quickly!


                Bluerun - I haven't run in my 5's yet but I don't mind cushion so I'm sure it will be okay.  I know what you mean about doing those "not me" things.  It's why I did 3 obstacle involved races.  Won't ever do another one, but the first was fun.   Oh I hope your shins get better!   I remember that annoyance before being diagnosed with a pre-stress fracture.  Ugh. Then it was a month in a boot.


                Hector - have fun and good luck!


                Paden - the pics are really beautiful.


                Docjen - one of my goals is to hike/run the Grand Canyon.  Sounds like you are crazy busy but the mileage continues to be awesome.


                Me - ran 9.5 miles on Wednesday, and it was GREAT!  We ran 1.5 miles to the woods, then surprisingly ran about 4.5 in the woods, came out the other side and ran the roads (with three hills) back to the car. Without trying, I ran the last 3 road miles under a 9 m/m.  So happy to be back.   I generally rest 2 days before a hard trail race because of the crazy hills.  Looking forward to the race.  Hoping I win some chocolate!


                Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy running!

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                the kenyan

                  I've fallen a bit off the wagon this week; work has sapped my energy as the kiddos are always extra crazy the week before spring break.  Did an easy 5 today for my first run since monday.  Got 12 on the schedule for tomorrow.  There is certain death and a small chance of success.  But that's the way I prefer it.


                  Next week I'll be in Moab, UT for a few days.  Has anyone been down there and have any particular trails that they enjoy. I'm trying to look at some maps, but they send me into sensory overload in a hurry.  I get the feeling there aren't really a ton of 'bad' options.



                    Jan-  Good news!  Another question about bursitis:  is it possible for the bursitis inflammation to go down on its own?  So what your gyno felt was really bursitis but by the time you got to the chiro it had already gotten somewhat better?  Whatever the case, it sounds like you're making great progress.  Moving in the right direction is always good.  You just need a little patience (I realize this is easier said than done).


                    doc-  You're doing so great getting in the miles you do with that crazy schedule of yours.  I think your plan is a good one.  Go out at 3:45 pace (I would say absolutely no faster than that) and see what happens.  I'm hoping the weather changes for your LR.


                    Edith-  The Happy Hill!!!  That's a good one....mind if I call my hill that?  Must've been someone else who was streaking.  Hmmm, I wonder who it was.  Good luck tomorrow!!!!  I see lots of chocolate in your future.


                    Kenyan-  Isn't Moab where they have that ridiculously hard race in the desert?  Can't help you with runs there, as you can tell.  Have fun!!


                    hector-  Good luck tomorrow!!!!  And good luck to your DW!!!


                    me-  Well, it was bound to happen.  I've had too many decent runs lately.  Today's run was absolutely, no doubt the most difficult, agonizing, traumatic, pitiful run I've had in a long time.  At mile 4 I was already feeling like my legs were tired, at mile 7 I told myself to just give the HMP a try and see what happens, a mile and a half later I stopped.  I was slow and sluggish and knew there was no way I could maintain any kind of pace so I shut it down.  My pace for that short period of time was something like an 8:45.  Bad.  So I finished out the miles to total 14.  It was tough to finish at an extremely slow pace but I finished it.  I guess I spoke too soon about not feeling quite so beaten up with this plan.  Today I felt it.  On the bright side, most of my runs up to now have been fine and I still managed to slog this one out to get the miles.  It was just a bad run.  I'll move on and do better next time.   Have a great weekend, everyone!  Just remember, whatever you celebrate it's always better with chocolate!

                    10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                      Zelanie - It must feel good to have your last 10+ run behind you! Now rest those legs so you're nice and fresh for your race. I can't wait to see you blow 2:00 out of the water! My race is 4/27. I think I'm 2 weeks behind you.


                      stever - That must have been very scary. I'm so glad it doesn't seem to have been anything too serious, and I hope your test confirms as much.


                      miele - Sorry you had such a rotten run! You've been on such a roll, though, it had to happen eventually. Glad you're able to recognize it as a bad day and move on. Hill sprints sound awful. I despise hills, although lately I've noticed they're wearing me out less. I guess that's one plus of living in an area where basically every run includes hills. Definitely getting excited about my race. I have moments where I feel confident I can do it in 2 hours, and then moments where doubt creeps in. It's been so long since I've raced, I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do.


                      Jan - Glad that you got at least one mostly pain-free run in. It's so mentally draining to be injured, I'm sure that was a big confidence booster. Fingers crossed for more of that in the near future! Glad you had a good visit with the chiro also. I got the green light to skip next week with mine, which feels pretty good since I've been in there weekly since early Feb.


                      bluerun - Sounds like you needed the days off. Hope your shins are feeling a bit better!


                      npaden - Gorgeous pictures! Running somewhere new and beautiful is always nice. Great mileage and streak too...some day...when my kids are in least that's what I'll keep telling myself Wink


                      doctorjen - Sounds like life is crazy busy! Hope the weather changes and your 20 miler is more pleasant than it's supposed to be.


                      Edith - Good luck with your race!


                      kenyan - Hope your run tomorrow is better than you expect. When is your race?


                      Me - My week has been somewhat derailed by a blister. Like Zelanie, the past week has been pretty high intensity for me because of switching things around. I think this sucker started on my 12 miler at the end of last week and then had no chance to heal because the beginning of this week was full of speedwork and yet another long run. I finally drained it Wednesday night - yuck, but it did help. Have split my mileage since so I haven't done anything over 3 and it seems better. Tomorrow is a SRD so hopefully by Sunday I'll be good to go. Sheesh. Thinking about buying some new shoes tomorrow - maybe just another pair of Kinvaras or possibly some Virratas.

                        NPaden: congrats onthe streak and the great mileage. I love running on my travels, be they work or pleasure, but was not familiar with White Sands - looks very unique and spectacular


                        Zelanie: your training seems to be gouing well.


                        Jan: sorry to learn you have some pain issues - hope it cleas up completely, you seem to be on the right path


                        DrJen: work is the curse of the running classes......


                        Miele: sounds like over-training to me. Three hard workouts a week is really pushing it. Either way, hope it works out for you. Will be in the Bay Area next week. I'm thinking about taking a drive out to Lake Chabot for a trail run. Are you familiar with that trail? Any others you would recommend?


                        Me: long time since I posted. Combination of February and March weather and Achilles issues have meant that I have run very little over  the last couple of months, and when I am not running, sorry, but reading about others running just makes the lay-off all the more hard to endure.

                        I have managed to run a HM (NYC Half) in a vey slow time, and got in 2 or 3 10-mile runs, so the morale is good now. Had to seriously revise my objectives, but am not even bummed about that. I am going to concentrate on slowly but surely building mileage, but also work on speed to see if I can improve my 5k, 10K and HM times over late spring, summer and early fall. If no bobos, will enter a late fall marathon

                        New York 2014 is very much on the cards too

                        This week, drove down to Florida with DW and DD #2. Stopped in Charleston on the way down for a run over the Cooper River Bridge (about 3 miles each way and steep!). couple of runs in Florida, and then a run in Richmond on the way back up today

                        Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

                        Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 


                          Has anyone here run in both Kinvara 2s and 3s? Went to my LRS today and they sold me on a pair of 2s (I've been running in 3s) I'm second guessing that. Worried that they feel softer, although it may also be that they are new and my current pair has about 300 miles on them. I think going up a 1/2 size in either will fix my issue (some swelling on long runs.)


                          I am such a terrible, indecisive shopper! May end up going back tomorrow and exchanging for the 3s.



                            gosling-  Take care of that blister!  They can be nasty.  You'll be fine in your race but I understand the nervousness/excitement.  I despise hills, too, but I take them as a challenge as of late.  The terrain around here is mostly made up of fairly gentle rollers but I don't think it's enough for those times when there's a proper hill in a race.  Can't help you with the Kinvaras.  Did the sales person explain what changes were made between the two models?  I wear a size and a half larger (10) in my running shoes than my regular, everyday shoes (8.5).  Sometimes I can get away with just a size larger but it depends on the make of shoe.  Good luck sorting it out.


                            2ft-  Hi!  Good to see you again.   Happy to hear you're getting some solid runs in again.  Here's to no more bobos.  I'm not familiar with Lake Chabot but I hear it's lovely.

                            That's a link to some info about the different trails.  Hope it works.  If you make to the Walnut Creek area and feel like meeting up for a coffee/drink, let me know.  I'm always up for wasting time over a tasty beverage.  Funny you mentioned over-training since that's exactly what I was thinking.  In fact, when I started the plan I was a little concerned about this but wanted to give it a shot anyway with the caveat that I would back off should I start feeling overly fatigued.  Up till yesterday I was feeling really good.  I guess this is the sign to back off.


                            doc-  I meant to tell you that I would LOVE your PR!  I think it's too much to hope for, though, and would be thrilled with a 1:49:59.


                            hector and Edith-  Hope everything went well today!  Can't wait to hear all about it.


                            me- I woke up this morning knowing there was no way I could do my recovery run.  My legs are incredibly tired.  I'll give it a try tomorrow instead.  Planning to back off the speed work next week.  If I'm feeling great by the end of the week, I might try a tempo.  Right now I'm munching on pizza.  Recently bought a bottle of truffle oil and I love it on pizza!  I'm resisting the urge to take a big swig of the stuff.

                            10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                            Super B****

                              npaden -- that looks so beautiful.  It must be nice to run in places that aren't a concrete jungle!


                              miele -- a coach once told me that "hills are like your parents; you might not like them but they do a lot of good for you."  I shared that analogy with my  mom, and she was none too fond of it.  Heh.  A lot of people find that a string of good runs is inevitably followed by a really crappy one; I wouldn't get down because of it.


                              Jan -- a magic shot sounds nice, but it would likely be one of those "quick fix" things.  Hopefully you're pain-free ASAP.


                              Edith -- nice run!  (And I'm fairly sure I'd know if I had a fracture... I've certainly had enough of them to know by now how it feels!  Doesn't stop me from freaking out about it, though.)


                              gosling -- a little thing like a blister can turn into such a big pain... hope it doesn't derail you any longer!  And if you do try the Virratas at some point, I'd love a review.


                              me -- I ran a little over 7 miles today; excluding Jerusalem, that's the furthest I've run off the AlterG since... January?  I tried Pro Compression sleeves for the first time, and I don't know if they're completely awesome or my shins are finally starting to behave, but they didn't make a peep.  (Usually it hurts for the first mile or two and then goes away... until I stop running.)

                              chasing 5:59


                              because i never shut up ... i blog

                                Still waiting on Hector's report.  I'm guessing 1:53.


                                Docjen - Great job mixing in your marathon training with such a busy work schedule.


                                Sounds like everyone is having some great training, I agree with those that said you just have bad days every once in a while, I had a really good week this week though.


                                Me - Just finished my last 18 miler of my marathon cycle.  18.29 miles at an average pace of 9:31.  Ran a route with two class 5 hills (I used mapmyrun to compare them to the marathon course) trying to get ready for the big hill on the Flying Pig Marathon.   It was sunny and 73 degrees so it was tough, but I did it without walking and felt really good to get it finished.  I had a great strength interval workout Thursday (10.5 miles at a 8:51 avg pace and 79% of max HR) and my MP Tempo run at White Sands was a great run too (12.3 miles at a 8:47 avg pace and 80% max HR).


                                PR stats for this week and month - max weekly mileage with 71.3 miles this week!  max monthly mileage with 279.6 miles this month!  Streak is up to 88 day and 693.2 miles for an average of 7.9 miles per day!  This will most likely be my peak week and my peak month for the year as I'm mixing in some races over the next couple weeks and then I start my taper after that.


                                I have a half marathon that should for sure be a PR coming up next Saturday.  Pretty flat course and it starts early enough that the temperature should be decent.  If the wind will cooperate I'm hoping to for sure go sub 1:50.  I guess I can always use the excuse that I'm not tapering for it if I end up with a bad race though, if it was my goal race, running 18.29 miles 6 days before the race probably isn't the best idea.


                                That's it from my end.  I'm pretty pumped and geeked up with all the mileage records ths month.

                                Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                                Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)