I have never ran long distances before but. (Read 259 times)

    I hope it is rested enough to not hurt today. I mess up on the first day of running, trying to do too much at the begining.  I got a pair of ghost 5 running shoes, I hope they help also.

    Running Chick

      i think aches are (unfortunately) expected at different times when we exercise........  ankle pain i tend to think of as sneakers and foot landing.  sometimes, i do simple things like run on the neighbor's grass and skip a bit of the sidewalk.  it tends to help - is softer....  just be careful not to trip!  grass and trails aren't nearly as smooth as concrete...  hope it's helpful.  and that the aches have gone away.

      Spring- wishful thinking

        . If you haven't run in a while, you need 6 months of training minimum to do a half the right way unless you want to risk injury. 


        There are many 18 week to marathon programs that have you running 13 miles for a long run 12-14 weeks in.  Although I agree you need to start slow, 6 months to train for a half is pretty excessive.


        MTA -Like Hal Higdon's novice program.

          6 months is a long time.

            I am going to try and find a half marathon in Nov or Dec.