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    Been away for quite awhile. If you will read my very recent post in the General Discussion bragging about just going over 75,000 miles of running since 4/76, I am willing to give you my thoughts to those interested in running for the rest of your lives. I stress starting off easy, then backing off. Too many newbies do too much,too fast, too soon and end up becoming members of the world's largest running club-"I use to run but.....club". I have coached 100's of neighborhood class runners and know many are out there still running. Hopefully your goal is to run the rest of your life. Thanks for letting me toot my horn. My offer to help stands. Nick

      At the moment, in the group 'Coach25K and One hour Runners', most active members are trying to escape that 'I used to run but...' club, so someone who reminds us to take it easy is much appreciated...


      I only started running at age 46, and last year was my most consistent year of running, but when people around me convinced me I would be able to run a half in October, I have been pushing to hard, and...


      OK, but now I'm back there, and training very conscientious at a low heart rate.  Yesterday I was even able to walk instead of running (and proud of it) because it seemed impossible to keep my HR below MAF.

      Running in Belgium





        Well I am just starting back again after a break of a few years following injury and a false start caused by a bout of tendinitis by running in my old shoes.  I have done two runs and skipping to the third week (6 reps of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking)  and so far its going well I just would like to avoid getting injured again, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

          neighborhood class runners 


          Like it. 


          That describes a large percentage of joggers/runners on here I expect.  Me included.  In 2009 I was in second place in the 5:30 AM slog circuit in the Hunters Ridge area.  My award consists of old shoes to remember the glory.   

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