My First Biathlon (Read 692 times)

    Well, I finally did it! I've been wanting to do a biathlon for a year, and finally did one this morning! It was cool and raining, but so much fun! 5k run and 1000yd swim. It was on Waikiki beach, so the waves weren't too bad at all. I've been training in a pool, so it was definitely different in the open water. I felt like I was going to throw up several times during the swim just because I wasn't used to the taste of the salt water. Oh well, I'll be ready next time! 52 minutes! Can't wait to do the next one!!!


      way to go! Gotta love finishing a race and planning the next one!

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        Wow, cross country skiing and shooting on Hawaii. Must be a La Nina year Shocked Running and swimming is usually called an aquathlon Wink

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          Wow, cross country skiing and shooting on Hawaii. Must be a La Nina year
          No, we allow shooting in all weather patterns, but most people choose not to. mike - great job! Waikiki is barely open water Smile, but it can definitely be disorienting. What was this race called? Maybe I'll do it next year.


            It was the "Fort DeRussy Biathlon". Next year will be the twelfth year. Yeah, not really open water, but choppier than a pool! Ha ha. It was definitely strange dodging coral that came within a foot of the surface at a few spots. I was more worried of scrapping my hands on all the Urchins than anything else! It was a great time though!



              I'm assuming this was the Fort DeRussy Biathlon. (Based on this calendar: http://runningroomhawaii.com/races/2009.html). If so, congratulations! It was a 1km swim, so you swam almost 10% farther than you thought (1094 yards)! It was also about 90% farther than I can swim right now! I am confused, though, how a Navy guy living in Hawaii isn't used to the taste of salt water. Hit the beach man! When you move away, you'll miss it! (Edit: you replied quicker than I could type all that)
                Ha ha! Yeah, I know I need to go to the beach more. I have so many things to do though. Whenever we go to the beach, I'm too busy playing with my son and making sure he's having fun in the water, that I miss out on getting in a workout. I'm looking to move back to Washington in about a year, so you're right, I will miss this water a lot!


                  I'd love to try a run-swim biathlon! That sounds so cool (I'm still afraid of my bike Blush) Congrats!

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