Race Report - National Half Marathon (Read 434 times)

    In a nutshell: Too Expensive Poorly Supported Cheap Tee Shirt Only 4 or 5 vendors at the Expo Two Porta Potties on the 1/2 Marathon course. Only after Mile 8. Hope you didn't need one before then. Shocked Garmin measured 13.8 miles. Others are posting that theirs measured anywhere between 13.3 and 13.6. Black eye Ohter than that, the course was a great run past all the monuments, the White House and a nice variety of DC neighorhoods. With over 5000 runners, they have the opportunity to make this a first class race. They need some experienced management and more organization. I hope next year is better. Tongue
      Ohhh I almost ran this half ... but I live in Baltimore and it's an annoying drive to the district (and, like you mentioned, the entry fee was really high). Last year was the innaugural, right? Let's hope the race gets better with time Yes
      2009: BQ?
        Great time, though (I peeked at your log Blush)
        2009: BQ?