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    Hi all, I am a CR refugee as well. I started a log over at Runner's World but decided to maintain my log here instead. Would it be possible when creating a new running entry to not have retired shoes appear? I only use five pairs of running shoes presently between trail, road, and racing flats, but have to wade through a dozen of more shoes each time I create a new running entry. I went back and "retired" all the shoes I no longer use, but they still appear when creating a new running entry. Thanks! -Christian
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      Christian ... you may need to 'force a refresh' on your browser or check again when you next start up your browser. Retired shoes do not (or should not) appear in the drop-down for shoes when entering a new run. I checked my log and they do not appear. Hope this helps (BTW - welcome to RA), Neil UK

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        If the refresh doesn't work, I believe they will drop off after 3 months of inactivity (like courses do). Mine don't show either...Neil's probably got it right. And welcome to RA! Lynn B

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          Thank you so much for the swift replies. I think it has something to do with my import from CR because several of the shoes are duplicates. I am sure it will works itself out eventually. It is really great to be here at RA. Seems like an active, friendly bunch. I look forward to participating in future discussions. Thanks again! -Christian

            Everything is straightened out today. Only my active shoes are appearing. Thanks! -Christian