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    After many failed attempts, yesterday during just a regular easy run, I did it... I actually blew a successful snot rocket! Nothing on myself, cleared my nose, good distance and form. Like I said, a small victory!
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      Well done! I've come back from a run or two with a wayward snot rocket on the shoulder of my jacket, so I know the skill required to pull off a successful one. Wink

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          Yay! Let the nastiness fly! Just watch your aim. During a race yesterday, some guy didn't see or hear me and just about got me with his flying nasal mucus!!! Angry Yuck!!! Undecided I still haven't tried to do that. Something just keeps holding me back. Today during my run I made a pit stop just to get toilet paper from the porta-pot so I could blow my nose. One of these days.


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            Eryn thinks she nailed me during our 15k 2 weekends ago. It was about .5 mile from the finish and by that time I really didn't care anymore. I got my revenge by kicking her ass! Wink

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              Stopped for tissue. Must be a woman thing. Why wear gloves? Roll eyes

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                Stopped for tissue. Must be a woman thing. Why wear gloves? Roll eyes
                I wasn't wearing my gloves today! If I were, I wouldn't have needed to stop. Big grin MTA: I wash my gloves so often it's a wonder they are still holding up!