Cox Road Races - Half Marathon/Marathon (Read 77 times)


    Anyone running in the Cox Road Races?  I'm doing the HM this year.

    5K: 18:43 (12/13) 10K: 42:50 (12/12) HM: 1:30:10 (3/14) M: 3:34:46 (5/14)

    L Train



        I ran the marathon last year and enjoyed it.  Nice race, good time of year.  Pretty well organized.  The expo was really small, but I don't chooses marathons based on the shopping!.  Not sure whether the marathon course will be the same or if the half marathon follows the same route, but the marathon had a pretty tough hill toward the end.  Also, going over the bridge on the return had a couple very annoying aspects (1) since it was under construction and the lanes were open to cars, there was a very narrow (almost single file) pathway which runners shared with walkers  and bikers and (2) at the end of the bridge there is a set of stairs, ramps down onto the street level - very tough on the body that far into the race.


          Not running it, but I live in the area. That annoying bridge shouldn't be an issue this year since the whole thing is under construction. Looks like they have you going back up an overpass (the same where you initially crossed the river) instead.