Ways to track a Triathlon Race? (Read 721 times)

    Anyone know the best way to track a triathlon race? I have been making seperate entries for each activity but would really like to know how others are doing this.

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      I make separate entries too.  You could make a separate workout type and record your total time and each event as an interval but then the totals for each event don't get added to your monthly/ yearly totals.  Maybe triathlon tracking will be one of the new features Eric works on now that he's at it full time.

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        I would certainly appreciate that! it'd be nice to be able  to get it all in there as one event, I'm doing them as three separate but it'd be great to have it as a multi


          That would be a great addition to the site, especially since sprint tris are getting so popular.

            I would also like to promote the idea of a dedicated TRIATHLON workout type to track race results.  Pretty much all of my 'races' are triathlons and I find it very difficult to compare overall results from year to year, or event to event, on this site.  I have been logging all of my 'workouts' and 'races' as individual entries, but the overall time gets lost in the shuffle.


            Eric, can you please consider this as an improvement to the site?  Thanks.

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