Best & Worst 2012 Purchases (Read 1314 times)

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    Best running; Newton Gravity shoes for pavement, Saucony Peregrine 2 for trails. Love them both.


    Provisional best non-running: Strolz ski boots. I've never had ski boots that fit and didn't kill my oddly shaped feet. I have high hopes that, with a couple of tweaks, these will be the ones.


    Not sure about a worst. Compression socks, maybe. Not so much because they're so terrible, but because I've only used them once. Kind of forgot about them.

    Not if it makes sense.

      Best Stuff:

      $1.59 – “all purpose” Rite Aid cotton gloves – worn for 15 miles of Baystate

      $2.67 – 3oz tube of petroleum jelly  - every long run, every rainy day, every tropically humid day (lasted the whole year)

      $0.79 – 2 foot length of 1.5inch pvc pipe – use as roller

      $1.00 – 1 pair Hanes crew socks – used as arm sleeves for Baystate

      $11.99 – Advanced Marathoning, Pfitzinger

      $12 - runningahead.com subscription+donation - please, a dollar a month for this? steal.



      $30ish bucks - Compression socks.


      This list reminds me to mention band-aids.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        You guys that are recommending the "Buff"s.


        Any particular model or type that you recommend.  There are about a zillion opitions, uv, polar, wool, tubular, bandana, original, reflective, slim fit, insect shield, etc., etc.


        I like the UV ones in lieu of a hat and for under bike helmets.  The merino is great for Winter...makes a nice neck gaiter or hat.

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          Best:  Patagonia Women's Light Flyer Jacket - a lightweight, Gore-tex running jacket.  It's been keeping me bone-dry in light to moderate rain here in the PacNW.  It lists for $280, but I got for $100 (no tax, no shipping) on eBay.  It's turned running in the rain from practically torturous to only mildly annoying.  


          Worst?  No purchase, but friends gave us a (hand-me-down) running stroller which is a nightmare.   I believe it's the Kelty Joyrider.  Steer clear!

          Purple Toes

            I don't really have any running purchases from this year that disappointed me.  My best recent purchase is some Smart Wool socks. I've heard so many people rave about them that I finally gave in and bought a pair. I can't believe how warm AND dry they keep my feel!  They are crazy good, I will need to buy more soon so I don't have to keep rewashing the same pair so frequently.

              Best running-related: The parts to build a heat-exchanger hot water shower for my van, so I can camp at races but still take a steaming hot shower after a trail run or race.    The thing paid for itself after 3 nights of not staying in a hotel. 


              Best non-running:  A rental property near Boulder.   Should be a nice income-generator.


              Worst purchase:  Hmmm.  I don't buy much, so I don't really feel like a made a poor purchase this year. 

              Best Present Ever

                Best: RunningAHEAD subscription and Bluff (amazing how this little piece of cloth is so handy).


                Worst: ASICS running socks that were advertised as "water wicking".  Didn't help my sweat-soaked feet this summer.


                Not from 2012, but 2011: Icebreaker wool long-sleeve running shirt -- wear 6 runs a week, wash 1/week.  NO STINK!

                 I wear my icebreaker to run in *and* to work -- though I usually wash it in between the two activities.  I love my ice breaker.  Wore an Ice Breaker short sleeved T to Nicaragua and it has  been awesome here, too. 

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                  You guys that are recommending the "Buff"s.


                  Any particular model or type that you recommend.  There are about a zillion opitions, uv, polar, wool, tubular, bandana, original, reflective, slim fit, insect shield, etc., etc.


                  I wear the original the most: hot and cool weather.  I originally bought it to cover my nose/mouth during cold (wind chill below 10*F) runs and it works well there, too.  I can't stand much of anything covering my nose/mouth but needed something to continue run on those colder days. Wouldn't you know the last 2 winters have been mild, so I've only gotten to test it once, but seems to work well.


                  I think the 2nd is a polar buff.  Also nice, but I use the other much more.


                    I have another best.  I bought a Spibelt months ago but never used it until yesterday on my run/commute.  I fit all the stuff I needed for work in that tiny little belt.  And, it didn't move around or otherwise annoy me.  Awesome!

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                      Best acquisition (via bday): Garmin 410. 

                      Worst purchase: Brooks Nightlife Reflective Arm Bands (Drivers just don't look and/or care).

                      PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)


                        Worst running purchase - Gu, I just hate the stuff. Can't do it. 



                                 You don't like the taste of chocolate frosting (Have you tried that flavor?) ?!   Personally I can't really do any other flavor, but "Chocolate Outrage" indeed tastes like I am eating the frosting off a birthday cake at mile 8 of a run... Yum.  :-)

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                          Haven't purchased much else besides sox and shoes.


                              I thought the Sox hadn't been purchasable since 1919....  ?



                              (Chicago White Sox) Wink


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                            backbeat Bluetooth headphones......not made for small ears/women. And they broke right away. Replaced them with arriva leos and love them! Also compression leggings and socks are another fav! Oh! And my newtons Big grin