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    I haven't really seen any posts about running books, and I'm a little curious at the moment. What books to people out there have hanging around on their shelves? At the moment I don't really have any shelves in my new place, but in one of the piles on the floor I've got the somewhat legendary Noakes' book Lore of Running, which is almost overkill for any need I've ever really had. As much as I wish there'd be a new edition of this book, the one that there is out is simply oustanding. One could also find Daniels' Running Formula, which strikes me as something for people a bit faster than me, but it was dirt cheap and has some good training programs for a variety of different distances. I'm thinking I might like to expand my libarary a bit though, so any suggestions would be great.


      I also have Daniel's Running Formula. I also have a marathon training book that I "borrowed" from my brother. Also, although I don't have it, I recently read The Perfect Mile (about the race to break the 4 minute mile) and loved it. I hear the best running book ever written is Once a Runner (written in the 70s), but good luck finding it -- it's out of print and is over $100 on internet book sites.
        I thought I'd reply again with a list a books I'd love to add to my collection (courtesy of www.half.com): Pre: The Story of America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine: Tom Jordan (the movie was great, so the book must be better) Duel in the Sun: Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley, And America's Greatest Marathon: John Brant Bowerman and the Men of Oregon: The Story of Oregon's Legendary Coach and Nike's Cofounder: Kenny Moore Ultra Marathon Man: Memoir Of An Extreme Endurance Athlete: Dean Karnazes (I read this in Barnes and Nobles when it came out -- he's a little full of himself, but it's interesting to glimpse the life of an ultra-runner).
          The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration by kevin Nelson No Need for Speed by John Bingham Training for Endurance by Dr. Philip Maffetone Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running by Amby Burfoot Lore of Running by Tim Noakes Running Within by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott I Run, Therefore I am - NUTS! by Bob Schwartz Um... Did I mention I like books? Blush

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            I really like The Competitive Runner's Handbook by Bob Glover and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover. It's not a sort of "sit down and read through" book (though you can, and I'm working through it), but more a great reference book.

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              I really like The Competitive Runner's Handbook by Bob Glover and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover. It's not a sort of "sit down and read through" book (though you can, and I'm working through it), but more a great reference book.
              I have that, too...I read a chapter here and there, as I need questions answered. I also have the John Bingham book, "The Courage to Start." I haven't quite finished it, but I like it--very motivational. If only I were actually motivated to finish all the books I start (I think I have 4 going at the moment, LOL)! Big grin k

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                I just finished Duel in the Sun. Excellent read Four Minute Mile is another I highly recommend. These are not method books...but they are great for motivation!

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                  hmmm....let's see, To The Edge: A Man, Death Valley and the Mystery of Endurance - Awesome read about a man's experience with Badwater, much more than just a race report, more like a life report! Great read. Once A Runner: A Novel - can't remember much about this one right now. Did I Win? (A Farewell to George Sheehan) - pretty quick read, good friend of Sheehan wrote this account of his life Running Through the Wall: Personal Encounters with the Ultramarathon - compilations of writings of various ultramarathoners (a few of which I now know personally, didn't when I first read it...cool) A Step Beyond: A Difinitive Guide to Ultrarunning - too foggy, bad memory...why am I writing this? Fixing Your Feet - THE book on caring for your feet...if you have issues or plan longer distances...GET THIS BOOK, even if you just check it out at the library, borrow it, whatever...(mine is on lone to a new ultra runner right now!) And Then The Vulture Eats You - Great series of papers on ultrarunning...most from a humorous/witty perspecive on this crazy sport Wild At Heart - OK, not about running, but a must read for any man or any mother of boys! I'm sure there are more...can't think right now... BTW, here is a good resource for running-related books - http://www.runnerssource.com/Amazon/Books/allBooks.htm Lynn B

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                    JLynnBob - You are quickly becoming my running hero. I wanna run with you. And I want your books on my shelf. I've been dreaming about doing ultras ever since I read Dean Karnazes book ("Ultramarathonman" - somebody mentioned it up above). And I agree with the review up there, too ... the guy is a bit full of himself (of course, hard to avoid when you're writing an autobiography ... and you have to mention the fact that you made the Hottest Bods alive list for some sports mag) ... but I *loved* that book for one reason: a big chunk of it is his description of running his first Western States 100. His description is vivid. Almost painful. But man, it's inspiring. I dream about that race now, thanks to that book. When I run the trails, I'm running that race. But, um, shorter. And some of the above is why JLynnBob is my new idol. ---------------------------------- Also on my shelf - Galloway's Book on Running and his Marathon book, too. Both are unbeatable for newbies. Same with Bingham. Keep waddling, penguins. Higdon's latest and Daniel's classic are aslo favorites.
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