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    Here I am, a smoker for over 25 years, kids out of the house, a new husband,  and a keen motor cyclist!  I thought life was great, then I saw a friend run a 50k trail run and survive.  Her transformation has been incredible!  

    So I gave up smoking 3 weeks ago, did my first run yesterday after 3 weeks of power walking, ran a little further tonight and the future looks bright!  If all I've got, it's determination, I will run that trail next year.  

    This forum is wonderful, Thanks!

      thats awesome! welcome to the club!

        Congratulations and welcome aboard, from one newbie to another.


          Thanks!  I think I look like a prehistoric dinosaur lumbering along the pathways at the moment, probably scaring the neighbourhood kids ,  Oh well, give me time and I'll resemble the nimble running folk I've been watching the past few weeks....Smile

            Romy -- conratulations on your lifes transformation.     We're glad to have you........   


            As far as running is concerned, the only top notched equipment you need is a good pair of running shoes so if you havent gone to a running store and been properly fitted, then do yourself a favor and go (hopefully today).......as far as shorts, t-shirts and all that other stuff...you probably have adequate stuff laying around the house...............few non-runners have GOOD running shoes laying around......so make the investment....


            your key to success is to run slowly and dont try to go too far too soon....running is a long term strengthening process so cut yourself some slack and take your time.    If you do too much you'll likely end up hurt or burned out or both.......


            Also --giving up smoking, starting running, starting a diet and on and on are all pretty hard things to do, so if you fall off the wagon for a day, dont beat yourself up -- just get back on again and keep moving forward....


            NEVER EVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER RUNNERS......only compare your progress to were you are, and were you were and take pride in your running accomplishments.......the minute you start comparing yourself to other runners you start making mistakes...........


            Finally --- Running Ahead is FULL of great information, so post often and ask lots of questions in this forum....you'll get good answer from experienced runners that truly care about your running future......

            Happy Running....


            Oh Yeah ----- dont talk about running "too much" to non-runners, they won't understand and will probably think you have finally gone crazy (which is probably true, but dont let non-runners KNOW you are finally crazy and joined the rest of us)....

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              Congrats on quitting smoking & taking up running!!! i did the same thing about 6 years ago (after attempting to quit multiple times prior) and found that it was only with the infusion of running i could finally  kick the habit AND THE CRAVINGS....take it slow and easy, build gradually, and keep at it!  life is better AND less stinky.

                Wow, Romy--awesome! I think John-A said it all. Just wanted to add my welcome.


                Enjoy the extra money from not smoking! As a former smoker myself, it gets amazing how much we used to pay a tobacco company to kill us.

                Call me Ray (not Ishmael)


                  Thanks everyone, I'm heading out to have shoes fitted today.  It's almost exciting!  

                    Just another welcome. Smile 


                    Congrats from another former-smoker. Just over 8 years now since my last Smile It's hard, you may slip, but then just start again. 

                    First or last...it's the same finish line

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                      WOOOHOOO!!!  Congratulations and welcome!!


                      John pretty much says it all!  Great advice.  I couldn't believe what a difference the right pair of running shoes made. 


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                        welcome and keep it up !!

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                          Thanks everyone, I'm heading out to have shoes fitted today.  It's almost exciting!  


                          It is exciting!  I remember it like it was less than three years ago! Smile  I'm a new person now.

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                            Welcome.  Keep on progressing slowly.  The key is consistency.


                            Make this your new good habit to help you kick your old bad habit.

                            Loves the outdoors

                              Welcome! Watch out - running is addictive! You won't know yourself in a few months. What seems impossible today will soon become easy. 

                              One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.