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    On Monday, I went for a run, and it seems I did not wear enough, as I got sick (luckily just a cold, which I still have, and not a fever).


    I was wondering what you guys wear when it gets extremely cold (specific names would be helpful so I could go out and find it/find something similar).

      Personally I'm a big fan of the brand Sugoi for winter running clothing (and running clothing in general).  It's expensive but lasts forever and will keep you toasty despite the lightweight fabrics.  For cold weather (under 30 degrees F) I use their Firewall 220 Jacket and Tights.  They are both amazing.  




        It depends on what you mean as extremely cold.  In the single digits I wear:


        Sugoi Sub-Zero tights

        I will put pants on top of these  - Nike Thermal Running pants

        Long sleeved tech tee as baselayer (whatever brand)

        Under Armour Cold Gear fitted half zip (I don't know the model but it's really thick with a fleecy inside)

        Salomon Fast III windbreaker (essential.  my favorite running piece ever).


        Fleece hood on top (not sure of the brand)

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          Depends how cold. Around 0 to -5 Celsius (23-32 Fahrenheit) I wear Brooks thermal tights, Nike long sleeve half-zip dri-fit, Running Room jacket, a North Face headband to keep my ears warm, light cheap gloves from the drugstore, and SmartWool socks. As it gets colder I will add more layers, like a pair of SportHill pants on top of my tights for example.

            Depending upon temperatures and wind, I'll layer. When cold (-10F to +10F), I'll usually have tights under running pants (sporthill xc) on bottom. On top, tech t, long-sleeve base layer, insulating layer, windshell. I'll wear lighter or fewer layers when warmer;  heavier layers when subzero F. Shells for longer runs will have hoods - really like that extra layer of insulation around head and neck. A good hood won't interfere with peripheral vision.


            A lot of my heavier layers (infusion, catalyst - may not make these same models anymore) are Sporthill. Shells tend to be Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Golite, whatever. There's some REI base layers in there also.


            Socks - smartwool or REI


            Head - Serius Quickdraw when near 0F, hood from shell pulled over it when windy. When really cold and windy, I'll use a neoprene face mask. A bit warmer, may just use an ear band.


            Hands - mittens. I use ones with outer shells but palms are breathable. My hands can also pop out of the palms if I want to do something where fingers are needed - or it warmed up and I don't need mittens on, but don't want to take them all the way off.

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              My favorite pants for cold weather, below 20°or so, are a pair of North Face flight series pants. They have windstopper material over the thighs, the rest is a stretchy material that's a little fleecy on the inside. If it gets close to 0° i'd add a pair of Patagonia capilene one base layer bottoms. Since I ski, I have plenty of ski base layers that do double duty for running - ice breaker and smart wool tops, also a Mountain Hardware micro fleece top. A mammut light weight soft shell on top for when it's really cold.

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                I'm quite fond of my Darn Tough socks. I have found a good combination of layers that work for me. Hind base (they are about 10 years old), wind pants if it is below 25 and some compression shorts to keep my bottom warm. I wear light gloves, even last night at 25F, they were a tad warm.

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                  ha!  On my run today I saw a guy in full length what looked like insulated running pants.  Gloves.  jacket.  Full head covering.  Full face covering.  Only his eyes showed.


                  It was 48 degrees. 


                  Maybe he is training for badwater.


                  MTA :  Catching a cold probably happened at work, not during your run

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                    That's how I dress for those conditions.




                      SRL, you running badwater? Cool. I mean Hot? I mean you'll ruin your heart. I mean 48° is cold.

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                        That's how I dress for those conditions.



                         I did double check to make sure it wasnt you

                        I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


                        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7



                          MTA :  Catching a cold probably happened at work, not during your run




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                            I really like the Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket.  Expensive, but super lightweight yet astoundingly warm.  And windproof.  I wear it all. the. time.  The people on my running route are probably like, "doesn't she own any other clothes?"

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                              I don't have any super-heavy tights, so I layer them--two pair of regular tights, or a pair of Craft base layer tights under regular ones. Craft makes great base tops, too. For temperatures around 15-25F, I find I don't need two full pair of tights, but will wear compression shorts under a pair of tights to give more warmth to my thighs and butt.


                              My favorite cold weather jacket is merino wool from Hincapie--it's been good down to 10F (with a "feels like" of -3F) so far--that was Thursday, and as cold as I've run in. It's a few years old, and I don't see anything similar on their website now, but chances are any decent merino wool will be good. I have a vest to layer over it if it gets any colder, which is also Hincapie; but like the wool it's not in their current line--I've been happy with the brand, but it's pricey so if you're interested try eBay or look for sales. Technically it's cycling gear, but I like cycling stuff for running--same tech fabrics, and unlike running gear virtually always has pockets.


                              My husband and son like balaclavas, but I don't care for them. I just wear a regular knit cap, and my gloves are cheap giveaways from a running store. I have heavy-duty socks from Smartwool, Darn Tough, and Balega, but I prefer to stick to my usual thin Wigwam Triathlete socks--my feet have yet to get cold while I'm running. 


                              And yeah, I agree with the others--cold doesn't make you sick. Viruses do. Don't let a little weather keep you from running!

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                                Just got a mizuno beanie that keeps my head nice and warm, and I have a few Under Armour thermo long sleeve crew neck that work great. Love them. Then i can add layers depending on the weather. Haven't found a great pair of pants yet, so that is next on my list.