You have to be kidding me... (Read 413 times)


    I can barely run right now. Still. I mean, better then it was, but still. Trying not to make matters worse again.


    Had the bright idea to run on the trail where I couldn't be miserable about how slow I am and how little I can run because I have very little basis for comparison.  I should have known better, since trails and heater85's are natural enemies.  It lulled me into complacency when I heard a mountain bike - the trail map was confusing so I didn't know if I was going the proper way and I looked around instead of right where I was going.


    I fell.


    Fractured my forearm/wrist.


    There goes a lot of the alternate activities I was doing like rockclimbing and some of the fitness classes t keep me sane.  I'm still trying to decide whether I can put an ankle weight on my arm above the cast and do a little strength training on that side.  A little nervous about cooking class.  It was my dominant arm, and my left arm was designed purely for decoration.  Even getting myself and my daughter dressed was difficult.  Up top, had to let everything hang free if ya know what I mean. 

    The doctor was out of waterproof material and told me just not to sweat for 6 weeks.  I don't care how many ivy league institutions he has attended (seems to be a lot) and prizes he's won, and how nice he was to daughter as she talked about how she was going to be a doctor when she grows up -he is insane if he thinks that's happening.  I'm just gonna go for a replacement cast when it gets too stinky. It might not since I can barely exercise, won't be too much sweat. 



    So questions, how do you keep the area as dry as possible after sweating. Talcum powder?  Hair dryer?


    Any good activities for me to do?  Time to stop putting off learning another language?


      Just your arm?  Trot on a treadmill then, just don't fall down anymore.  Big grin


      Running is stupid