AM/PM "easy" pace differences and Doubles (Read 146 times)

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    My morning runs are slower than my afternoon runs, mostly because the humidity is close to 100% in the mornings, as compared to lower humidity (still humid, though) in the afternoons.


    I find the same as Julia.  I train well in the evening, yet my evening races have been less than stellar.

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      I was going to +1 someone, but couldn't decide which one, because so many are saying the same thing. Yes I am slower in the morning, but much prefer it in the summer once it starts getting light early enough; it is cooler, and I get it out of the way before work. I sort of flipped the switch to AM runs at one point this year and was frankly shocked at how much slower it was - about 45 sec. But the side benefit is they often end up closer to progression runs; at other times of day I usually start out too fast.


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        Yeah.  That might be why I phrased the original post as a comparison of same effort with differing paces.


        I don't know why you are asking then?  There are so many variables that go into determining what pace results from a given effort that it would be freakish if it always came out the same.

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          I often look for a pinch hitter for my double days.


          I've noticed that my afternoon/evening runs tend to be faster, even if it's a double day.  That said, I still love my morning running much more than later in the day.  I guess speed isn't everything.