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    I'm trying to plan and map out a run I'd like to do this summer. Part of the route goes on a road that closes for the winter (Utah State Route 148, right next to Cedar Breaks National Monument, in Southwestern Utah).


    When I try to map it out, it won't let me follow that road. I presume because the map shows it as being closed until May. It defaults me to a 20+ mile detour around the closed section of road.


    Is there any way around that? Or am I out of luck and forced to manually create the route as best as I can? Would I be correct in assuming the problem is all Google's fault?


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      Can you use the "create route manually" option to override the road following?

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        Can you use the "create route manually" option to override the road following?


        That's what I ended up doing, but it's a really winding section of roadway. I'm not sure how close I got.

        it would be so much easier if it just followed it automatically.


        The funny thing is, the road has been open all winter long due to an unusually mild winter we've had in this region.

        Somehow or other the map thinks it's closed from November until May.

          Hi Birdwell,

          I checked the response from Google Maps.  It doesn't think the road is navigable, which is why you can't use the follow road feature.  This is the first instance that I've seen.  Google is getting too smart for its own good.


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