Baby Bunnies! (Read 491 times)

    I came home from work at 10:30 and decided to get some yard work done. Well, I just started to use the weed trimmer along the back of the house when two little bunnies raced out of the tall grass. I stopped and checked things out. There were three teeny tiny bunnies. I grabbed my camera and took these pictures, then one of the bunnies jumped into the basement window well. I got a containter and scooped him up and then scooped up another one but the third one took off. These things are only like 3.5 to 4 inches long. I'm so worried that the mom won't be able to find the third one. I didn't touch them with my hands, I simply put the two that I found back in the nesting area, and they fell asleep. I'm not sure what to do about the third one. Has anyone been through something like this? Will the mom bunny find the other one? Will she come back even though the nest was disturbed? Of course I stopped doing yard work. Guess I'll wait it out until the bunnies all leave.


    Princess Cancer Pants

      I'm not sure, but they sure are cute. Maybe the Pace Bunny left them for you? I saw a little guy like that in our yard a week or so ago. I like to think that the Pace Bunny was saying hi. Big grin k

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        Since they are sitting still, they are obviously not pace bunnies.

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          I'm back at work now. Before I left home I checked on the two bunnies and they were snuggled in the "nest" but I still didn't find the third one. Sad Maybe they are reminders of how I need to pick up my pace a little to catch the real pace bunny. Smile


            Awwww! Wook at the cute wittle bunnies!!! I love spring. Nice pictures, too, Michelle! Smile
              I found the missing bunny! When I put him/her back in the nest I counted and there are 4 bunnies! The mom came back a little while ago. I feel better now. Smile


                They are so adorable!! Smile I'm glad you found the last one and their mom found them. I love bunnies, I am so jealous they are living at your house!
                  The bunnies are gone. The mother moved them to the neighbor's yard for some peace and quiet. I was finally able to mow and use the weed trimmer!