What's your favorite cross-training exercise? (Read 2230 times)

    Cardioboxing. There's nothing better than throwing on a pair of gloves and punching at a giant bag for an hour. Plyometrics really helps strengthen my legs as well, and I've recently gotten into spinning. I want to get better about going to Pilates but it's just never offered at a good time.
      Anyone here do tae bo? I just ordered a DVD and am looking forward to the change of pace...

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        Anyone here do tae bo?
        I sheepishly have to admit that I have a couple Tae Bo DVDs... but I do them ironically.. (hehe). Roll eyes Seriously, it's kinda fun and definitely a hard workout. My only complaint is that (at least on the DVDs I have) they don't do much warm up or stretching (except these really weird bouncing stretches.. isn't that bad?) so I usually do something before hand to limber-up. Plus, they sent some really sketchy 'herbal energy boosters' along with my DVDs... needless to say, I didn't eat them. Dead But it's a fun workout and Billy Blanks and his crazy daughter (she's the super-intense blond in the front row) are hilarious! I especially like his motivational/semi-religious/delusional off-script rambling at the end of the workout... really funny! Big grin At the very least, it's worth the money for the entertainment.. and you might enjoy the workout too!
          Oh, wow! Bonus "herbal energy boosters" and religion? Can't wait!!! Big grin Which one did you get? I've heard that the "bag" that's supplied with some of the "Contact" DVD's is ... um ... pathetic. But I'm not concerned about that - I've already go my own heavy bag. I opted for the original DVD set because my experience with movies is that sequels are hardly ever as good as the original... Wink

          Roads were made for journeys...


            It was one of the "Billy's Boot-Camp" packages... 3 videos and some rubber resistance-bands... (the herbs and religion were free! Roll eyes ). The resistance-bands do make it a lot harder... they're pretty cool... but you can get them at any athletic store (and for free at lots of race expos), so don't pay extra for them.


              Surfing - great exercise especially when the waves are big..get your blood pumping (from fear) , your lung capacity up (from being held under water as the waves crash above you) and sharpens your survival skills Smile . Good upper body and lower body workout..plus its fun to walk on water.

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                Steve, you know there are crazy people who surf on Lake MI about this time of the year (well, maybe not quite this late in the season, but maybe around Thanksgiving and then in the early Spring, once the ice has all melted)? They find a pier when the waves are good, walk to the end, jump in with their boards, then surf back to shore. Crazy people in dry suits. I heard the lake temps are in the low 40s near shore by us...brrrr!!! k

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                  i have friends who surf in Alaska...they definitely are missing couple of chips from their brain processors..surfing is strictly warm water for me, i hate wearing wetsuits
                    Steve, you know there are crazy people who surf on Lake MI about this time of the year
                    I seen a few surfing in Lake MI thanksgiving weekend when I was out running on the trail along the lake. I thought I was hallucinating at first Smile
                      I don't have a particular favorite but I like to do a lot of different things to keep active. I play on 4 or 5 softball teams a year, a flag football team in the fall, used to love snowboarding until I moved to Ohio (where there are no real mountains), occassionally rollerblade. In our company's on-site gym, I compete in various competitions that they have going on which use a variety of cardio machines from the rower to the elliptical machine to the stepper. Sometimes I'll lift weights and if I need a lower stress break from running, I'll ride the stationary bike (I actually rode 3 times as many miles as I ran last year which is something I'm hoping to remedy this year). I suppose you can say my favorite cross training exercise would be whatever's most readily available at the time!

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                        Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Hiking and Nordic Skiing.
                          Weight-lifting 3x a week. Specifically, the beginner 5x5 program. Can't have my upper body muscles wasting away on me from all that running.
                            XC Skiing is excellent, especially skating style. Similar to inline skating, but you fall on something soft. The boots are not the crazy hard Alpine style, but comfy. Awesome aerobic exercise and great way to work your hip muscles. Just have a nice thermos with tea waiting for you after you finish your work out Smile Yoga is also fun - and you will find that climbing will make interesting things to some of your lower leg muscles!