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    Just looking for some help with this. Last week I did 7x 800 off 1:30 jog. I stopped and started my Garmin for each interval. When I try to import the data, I get about 20 separate activities for that day. Do I have to save each one individually? How do other people manage importing sessions like this?



      Do I have to save each one individually? How do other people manage importing sessions like this?




      If you wanted to, you could just take the total mileage and time and then combine it into one interval.


      Personally, II keep the separate entries and code the 1:30 sections as recovery.  Check my log and you can find examples.

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        I just hit the lap button at start and end of each work part. Everything is imported as one activity, and the laps show on the Summary page for each workout. I think you can label each part as to whether it's the work, recovery, or rest part  or setup a template beforehand. (I've never done the latter since my laps are just landmarks.)

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          Thanks a million guys. That's exactly what I want: the reps and intervals categorised separately but imported as a single file.

          So, I need to hit lap on the watch rather than start/stop it. Thanks again for the quick replies; happy training.

            I do it like AK (start workout, keep hitting Lap to demarcate reps/recoveries), although I'll set up an interval workout if I'm not using landmarks.


            RA seems to import with every lap labeled "interval", so I manually change the rests/recoveries to such.  Mostly so I can quickly add up just one type (e.g. see my avg. pace on the reps).

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              Even if you hit start/stop, it should import as one workout as long as you don't reset by holding the lap/reset button down, what model of garmin are you using?


                It's a 405. I've put the run up there now as loads of different segments. Thinking back,  you are right; I stop the timer then reset by holding the lap button to make it easier to read.


                I've just realised that I need the watch to display Lap Time as the main bit. I think at the moment I have it on Total Run Time or something similar (i.e. whatever it came out of the box as). Then I can see each rep/interval count up from 0 after pressing the Lap button.