Osteochondritis Dissecan (Read 35 times)

Andy X

    Hi all,

    After running a 20 mile race recently I felt fine, finished with no problems whatsoever, then after a day's rest I ran again, once again I felt absolutely fine. The next morning as soon as I woke - ow! My right knee was swollen all around the leg, it was painful (still is 8 days later) & climbing or going down stairs there is quite an awful grinding/creaking noise. My GP said it' s OCD & has given me a month's course of strong anti inflammatories which I am taking & using icepacks to try & reduce the swelling. She said I will most likely need physio & almost certainly if that still doesn't fix things, an arthroscopic clean out. Has anyone here had this & (he says hopefully) have you recovered sufficiently to run ok again? I was less than four weeks from running my first London marathon for 20 years & as we say in England I'm gutted but I have withdrawn from this year's race but I have a guaranteed entry for next year if it heals ok. I hope to be there. I will be this year, handing out water at 22 miles, I'd rather be receiving it!

    Thanks guys.