Legal issue as a result from triathlon training is over (Read 183 times)


    I did run-bike-run training with first run as substitute for swimming.  During first run I crossed a road when traffic lights

    was still red.  A police car passing by honked att me.   Then I proceeded to biking and then resumed running after

    2 hours.  When I continued running in a state park a police car pulled up and a policeman called me to stop

    and asked me if I was running crossing a road 2 hours ago and I said yes so he issued me a jay walking ticket.

    He claimed to have been looking for me for 2 hours. I could not even pay on line since the box "court appearance is required"

    is checked


    Today I went to court and DA dismissed case after consulting with the ticketing officer.

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      You're not the first...an RA classic:


      I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!   This morning while running parallel with the train tracks at more than a comfortable distance, I heard a the quick chirp of a siren behind me (I don't listen to music while running) Thus I stopped immediately and turned around to see a Ford Crown Victoria cruiser, with a Metra Cop (Chicagoland's railroad cops) behind the wheel.  I had no clue what the problem was.  He told me that I was running next to the tracks.  (You can see my path which was traced by my GPS watch in the link below.  He pulled me over right before mile 4)  I thought he'd just cut me some slack after that and warn me, since I had no clue I was violating Metra rules.  But to my surprise he asked for my drivers license and handed me a citation.  I just sat there with a stunned look on my face.  Yes I was running parallel with the tracks but still I was 10 to 15 feet away from them too.  And never did I feel in danger of a train possibly hitting me.  . Now I'm actually stuck with going to court because of this revenue collector Angry at the end of the month.  If any Chicagoland lawyers would like to volunteer and get me the justice I deserve, please contact me here as soon as possible.


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        You're not the first...an RA classic:



        A classic indeed. Unfortunately things didn't turn out as well for ole Red Bird as they did for jingchunyu.

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        not bad for mile 25


          A classic indeed. Unfortunately things didn't turn out as well for ole Red Bird as they did for jingchunyu.


          It was the denim shorts.