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    rlk:  Hello, and thanks!  Just you talking about that guy was annoying.   Can't imagine having to live it.  In my last two marathons, I had three and two long runs respectively.  They didn't go as well as I would have hoped, but it also came with less overall mileage, so I don't know that it was the long runs that did me in as much as...well...everything.


    rovatti, Dad:  Nice weeks, and I agree with r on Dad's quality run.


    Arvind:  For me, cross training is always about the time investment.  If I'm running 70 miles/week, I don't have time for it.  That's all I can add.  Oh, and a 40 minute PR?  Nice...a PR of that size is one of those things that will probably only happen once, so enjoy it!


    e78:  Now, if you also have Exploding Head Syndrome -- another thing that I didn't know had a name, but that I encounter from time to time.  Had no idea it was a thing until a student (who also experiences it) told me.


    Ace:  Good luck!


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      ace- wooo! good luck!


      crowdsource: what do you all do for your long run two weeks before 26.2, and why?

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        Good luck Mrs Ace!


        rlk ~ I think two weeks out is a good time to get in a larger block of MP time ... something like 4x3 miles, 4-3-2-1. Something manageable however; historically I've overdone it at this point, so would caution about not leaving your race out there now.


        Arvind ~ As you get nearer and nearer to your potential, specificity matters more and more. A core session is probably a necessary supplement (to running); a lower body strength session is probably also  good investment (although I'd say 2x15 min or even 3x10 might be more efficient than a single 30 min session); spinning (again once per week) seems to be a good ROI XT -- it seems to aid recovery and help w/ turnover. At this point the two booty camps probably don't hurt and may even be helping, but you're reaching the point where the energy and time to do that isn't as worthwhile as more running. All that said, we do this for fun -- so figure out the balance that makes you happy/that you enjoy and feel healthiest.


        3x2M right at threshold, perhaps a touch faster? w/ 3 min recoveries


        Doing a 5K XC race this weekend; it's supposed to rain and be windy. 


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          That's XC weather for sure.  Where's the race?

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            crowdsource: what do you all do for your long run two weeks before 26.2, and why?


            I've used Hanson's Advanced in the past, which calls for 10 miles, easy pace, two weeks out.  This time, using my "make it up as you go along" plan, I ran 17 miles, also easy pace.  As for the why, that's just what my running buddies wanted to do that day, and since I was focusing more on an all-quantity, no-quality approach, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


            Good luck, Dad!!


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              RLK - I'm pretty sure I've always ran 14 miles easy two weeks out. Maybe 2-4 miles at marathon effort thrown in somewhere. Nothing scientific behind it at all; it's just what is always on the calendar for the running club I typically do my LRs with.


              Dad - That really does sound like XC weather; good luck!

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                Good luck Ace!!


                Rlk - I usually do between 11-14 two weeks out. I think for CIM I did 11 and maybe 13 for my spring marathon? I do 3 week tapers because they seem to work for me, even though I run low mileage it often gets hard on my body and thus far I've really felt a benefit of the break. The higher the mileage the more I run two weeks out, like for CIM I was at 35 mpw and it had been a sharp increase and by May I had been running 40 mpw almost immediately following my last training cycle.


                Short run this morning felt good so I think I'll get out again tomorrow.

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                  That's XC weather for sure.  Where's the race?


                  Leesburg (VA)

                  Ida Lee Park to be specific


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                    DW is amazing and doing well!

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                      Healthy girl born at 2:49am. 7lb8oz, 20in

                      DW is amazing and doing well!


                      Congratulations to all involved! *insert many more dancing pink elephants*

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                        Ace - Congratulations!


                        rlk - Yup, I was there, but I DNS'ed. I did something to my knee last week during a kayak session. It was getting better, so I left the decision until the warmup, and it was no go. Bah. Glad my buddies could help you out. I had a nice morning out though. I chatted with one of your teammates (Janice?) from the 60+ group who was in the same fix as me, only she started and ran a mile before "taking the walk of shame" back to the start.


                        The knee is improving, I think I will be able to run tomorrow, Maybe I'll be able to do an MP run at the weekend, as well as the XC champs that are at the weekend, then taper proper.


                          ace - congrats!!! Too bad you haven't mastered how to post a picture


                          rlk - FWIW, for Berlin I did 15 miles including 3 x 2 at T-pace two weeks out. That is what Daniels prescribed, so I went with it. For Paris, I'm planning on using Pfitz 18-55 and that one would have me do a 16 miles LR instead. They seem to be consistent on the mileage.

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                            DW is amazing and doing well!


                            Umm, this wasn't posted until 5:05pm ... that's well over 12 hours ... where are your priorities!


                            (Seriously, congrats and enjoy!!!)

                              Ace--congrats to you and your family!!


                              RLK--In past cycles, I've done 16 miles with 12 at about 20 seconds per mile slower than GMP. But this time around I kept it at an easy 12 because I felt that the quality workouts I had done earlier in the week were sufficient.


                              Congrats to Arvind last weekend! A 40 minute PR is a rare, so enjoy the results of your efforts. Belated welcome/congrats to RunnerJones! 


                              Katia--I'm terribly sorry about what you've been through recently, This is an issue that has hit very close to home in the past couple of years, so I think I understand (at least some) what you've been feeling.


                              JimE-hoping the knee continues to improve.


                              Darkwave--way to go with that rust-buster! I foresee another great season for you.


                              Non running streak is still going (Day 10), will likely return to the roads this weekend. Decided my next goal is to focus on the HM. Goal #1 is sub 1:25, which I haven't done since 2011. Goal #2 is to beat my all-time PR for 1:23:16 from spring of 2011.

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                                Ace - congrats!!! Smile


                                Katia  -  sorry for your loss, i can't imagine having to deal with that.  hopefully running can bring a little relief


                                Jim - always good to hear when a knee issue works its way out - they can be so pesky!   i insistently do side leg raises whenever i moment, to help prevent various things Smile


                                Arvind :   that sure is a good bit of gym + run time - how many hours were you averaging a week?!?!   I find once i'm running 5 days a week - finding the time to make it to the gym definitely goes way down!   Especially when I have my bike on a trainer in the basement... easy to get in a few shows on netflix...or focus on some hard intervals to help push vo2max up. (something thats hard to do running in a MN Winter) versus drive to the gym both ways, changing ...etc.   Having a general good physical base from working out, lifting, and biking sure helps however once you get deep into a Marathon cycle.


                                Myself - after 9-10days of no run/bike (due to "being snipped") - figure it was time to get out there and get in some training stress to my rested body.   Disturbingly high HR's on my Sunday 4miler... hoping it was the hangover...or nervousness that stiches might burst open...lol.   Mondays morning easy 6miler with neighbor (~8:55ish) went better but I could feel leg fatigue (especially in supporting muscles).   Monday night I Biked commuted home (70min/20mi) was 40-35° so had to bundle up - I think it cutdown on speed - at least thats what i'm telling myself (really just that its been 30days since a 'real bike ride').  Good sustained Tempo effort plenty of good leg burn here and there.   Did core Tuesday evening.   Back out running an easy (8:30-9:00/miles)  7.6mi this morning with a few 2min surges(@7:00-5:50).   Great to running 6-7milers each morning during 'offseason' - last year at this point I was at 3-6milers (coming off a wakeboarding miniscus injury).  My goal going foward is just a slow buildup over the winter - try to meet or surpass last years build up ahead of jumping into Marathon training for my June race.

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