Sub 3 based on my log (Read 130 times)

Scott Grove



    I'm running Steamtown on Oct 13.  Based on my training log,  what do you all think are my chances of running a sub 3?   In 2011 I ran a 303 but my training paces were faster then what they are in 2013.  But in 2013,  I have ran more miles, more MP miles and did some doubles.


    Do you all think I trained as needed for a sub 3?





      With a 1:23 half PR in August and consistent mileage I would say you are good to go if you run a smart race.  Good luck !

        I agree with Flatfooter.  Good luck.

        Netizen Kane

          +1. Should be good for <3. Only caveat ( just my opinion, I'm no expert), I'd try to get in another 20miler before the taper? Good luck, you've put in a lot of work and deserve it.


            You can but I would not think about times.  Steamtown is a race that can destroy goals; the downhill is punishing.  Go for the typical 1/3 rule.  The first 1/3 of the race should feel like you have done no work.  The 2nd 1/3 should feel like you are working.  The last 1/3 should be whatever you have to do to hang on.


            My 2:30s friend has never broken 3:00 at Steamtown due to his hopes of running in the 2:20s.