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    After my mill run this evening ( Dead) I went to Barnes&Noble and bought the Pfitzinger/ Douglas book, Advanced Marathoning. I've heard really good things about it Big grin Okay just excited and wanted to share!
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      If you are going to follow one of the plans, you may want to take a look at a training plan generator I had created for 3 of his plans: http://www.roadtoboston.com/djapps/trainingPlans/overview/ You could put in a target race date and it'll generate a PDF for you that you can print out showing what you should run on specific days. I only have 3 plans as that is what I got permission from Pete Pfitzinger to put on my website. He said I can put any 3 and I think I chose what should be the more popular ones, the 55Mi/18wk, 55Mi/24wk, and 70Mi/19wk Derek


        Oh very cool --- thanks Derek! Smile
        2009: BQ?
          Derek a phenomenal piece of software! Thank you! (Need a thumbs up smiley.) Your printout is way better than my current system of attaching Post It notes with dates at the bottom of each table in the book.

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